Call of Duty MW3 players are having a hard time enjoying Ranked Play without a ban to the knife – here’s why they’re feeling frustrated!

The COD franchise is known for its gunplay, but knives are often the superior weapons when it comes to close-range combat. After all, in MW3, a swing from a knife will eliminate a full-health enemy – provided you can get close enough to land the blow.

Consequently, Modern Warfare 3 fans are calling for the knife to get a ban from Ranked Play, the new competitive mode that just landed in Season 1 Reloaded.

Should the Knife Be Banned?

Call of Duty MW3 Ranked Play doesn’t restrict the use of the Gutter Knife or Karambit, and players are already frustrated with the use of melee weapons:

“The TTK for most guns is slower than someone running at you with a knife,” Reddit user BHRx complains. “I’ve had far too many cheap deaths using the MCW without missing a shot and I’m not alone.”

From what we’ve seen, the frustrated MW3 player certainly isn’t alone, with many others echoing similar opinions.

“It’s insane how completely defenseless you are against it,” user BloodCrazeHunter agrees. “They can stab you from 20 meters faster than most guns can kill if they’re already in a sprint by the time you spot them.”

The commenter even suggests that Activision add a stab-proof vest to the game, allowing users to defend themselves against knife-wielders.

Why You Won’t See Knives in the CDL

Interestingly, while knives aren’t technically restricted in the Call of Duty League (and therefore Ranked Play), the official competition utilizes a set of Gentleman’s Agreements (GAs) between players.

These GAs are a series of weapons, equipment, and attachments that CDL players agree not to use, despite them not being against the rules.

Gutter Knife in Call of Duty League Rules

In MW3, these agreements restrict both the use of knives and muzzles that increase melee damage to a one-hit-kill.

Sadly, the COD Ranked Play community is unlikely to adhere to the same self-imposed rulings, even if the average player did know about them.

However, Treyarch confirms that Gentleman’s Agreement bans will be considered when it comes to adding to the ruleset in future updates.

Technically, Some Knives Are Banned

Seeing as all MW2 (2022) weapons are banned in Ranked Play, there are actually some knives that are technically restricted from the mode.

This includes the Combat Knife, as well as melee weapons such as the Dual Kodachis, Pickaxe, and Tonfa.

Melee Knife in MW3

The Gutter Knife and Karambit are still very much available for players to add to their Ranked Play loadouts, however.

And we’re certain users would like to see more blades joining the restricted list in the near future.

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