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A New FromSoftware PS5 Exclusive Game Leaks and It’s Not Bloodborne 2

FromSoftware reportedly has a new PS5 game in the works, and it’s exclusive.

Although Elden Ring isn’t even launching this year, it’s not long until FromSoftware’s next major project. In fact, a PlayStation exclusive title could already be in the works, if new leaks are true.

Known for its notoriously difficult titles, FromSoftware is responsible for Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and more. The company even made the original Demon’s Souls, before Bluepoint Games remastered the title for PS5.

And although Sony’s leaked purchase of Bluepoint Games means that the Demon’s Souls remake is exclusive to PlayStation, it’s not the only FromSoftware game that is.

Elden Ring combat
(Source: FromSoftware)

Previously, the developer also made Bloodborne an exclusive title to PS4. And now, it looks like the first exclusive FromSoftware PS5 game is already in the works.

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New FromSoftware PS5 Exclusive

A new rumor is emerging about an upcoming FromSoftware PS5 exclusive and it appears to already have some evidence.

In a new tweet, rumors of a Souls-like exclusive for PlayStation are surfacing that allegedly come from Dealer Gaming. Reports indicate that the new FromSoftware rumors are coming from the same source who initially leaked the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC.

If this is true, we may well have a reliable PlayStation insider on our hands, and already we’re getting some degree of confirmation.

XboxEra’s Shpeshal_Nick, known for his insider information in the gaming industry, reveals that he knew about this FromSoftware PS5 exclusive title too. In fact, the insider seems annoyed that he wasn’t the one to reveal it, stating plans to drop the leak in his upcoming rumor mill.

And that’s not all Nick leaked today either! The insider gave us a big scoop on a new PlayStation VR game coming from a popular franchise!

Bloodborne 2 Not FromSofware PS5 Exclusive
(Source: FromSoftware)

FromSoftware Isn’t Making Bloodborne 2

It’s worth pointing out that we don’t have any more details about the upcoming PS5 FromSoftware exclusive title, except for one. Fans have been calling for a sequel or remaster of PlayStation exclusive Bloodborne for years, but it’s still not the right time, it seems.

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The upcoming game will not be Bloodborne 2, the leak reports. Instead, we can expect a game that’s likely entirely new.

Perhaps we’ll see more about this upcoming project at the massive PlayStation event in September.

But first, we’ve not new details about the Elden Ring story, gameplay, combat, lore, and more! The upcoming title is said to be FromSoftware’s largest yet, and it’s sure to pave the way for any upcoming projects.

And if rumors are true, you’ll need a next-gen console to play the new FromSoftware game. Here are all the upcoming PS5 restocks this week, including GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and more!

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Thursday 9th of September 2021

We don't need a bloodborne 2. The game was fantastic, the universe realised. The ending didn't call for a sequel either. If it is a new IP then I am really excited, because they know just how much fans have been asking for more Bloodborne. I argue that it would just be good to have a game with the same tone, atmosphere and world building, move away from the lovecraftian horror to something different but capturing the same idea, as long as it isn't set in modern times or the future then we have so much history to use as a starting point, so many cultures and art styles. To put it simply.. I want Bloodborne 2, but I don't want it to be a second Bloodborne.