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Froggy Chair Is Finally Coming in Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC

It’s a momentous day for Animal Crossing New Horizons fans as Froggy Chair is finally confirmed for the Nintendo Switch title.

It’s fair to say that it’s been a wait for Animal Crossings New Horizons fans. But that wait is over at long last, and Froggy Chair is here.

For those uninformed, Froggy Chair is a piece of furniture in the Animal Crossing franchise that is exactly what it sounds like. In November 2019, Animal Crossing fans lost their minds over a viral meme of Thanos purchasing the amphibious chair and it became an instant hit.

froggy chair meme

Since then, the furniture item has become a piece of Animal Crossing history, and multiple fans even went as far as to get Froggy Chair tattooed on their bodies.

But sadly, Froggy Chair hasn’t been available in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Until now.

Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC Adds Froggy Chair

Today, Animal Crossing New Horizons fans got the news they were waiting for – Froggy Chair is here.

In today’s insane Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct, we got a lot of big news about the peaceful sandbox game. But one announcement outshone the rest.

We’re not just talking about the Animal Crossing New Horizons official DLC – although that is, of course, very exciting.

Instead, we’re happy to be able to confirm that Froggy Chair is finally coming to Animal Crossing.

The wonderful furniture item made an appearance in the recent presentation, and Twitter is melting down over the announcement.

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It seems that Froggy Chair is back and better than ever, now available in several different colors.

And yes, Brewster, Kapp’n, and more are coming in the Animal Crossing update too. But as much as we’re excited to return to the Roost in New Horizons, let’s all just take some time to enjoy this moment.

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