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Free PlayStation Plus Games For June 2021 Leak Early

The free games for PlayStation Plus in June 2021 may be leaking early, thanks to this reliable source.

Every month, PlayStation gamers look forward to the new titles coming to Sony’s PS Plus service. With PlayStation giving away free games every 30 days, the company ensures that fans are never left wanting something to play.

You have to be quick to claim the titles, however, as they’re only free for a limited time. Make sure you claim the free PS Plus games for May 2021 before it’s too late!

As ever, Sony will be giving out one free PS5 game, as well as two other titles in this month’s installment. And you can still claim the PS5 titles without getting a next-gen console – by using the PlayStation app.

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playstation plus
(Source: Sony)

Free PS+ Games – June 2021

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to claim these PS+ games for free in June 2021.

Thanks to a new leak by Spanish gaming site Areajugones, we have an idea of what to expect for this month’s PS+ free games. Ordinarily, we’d be skeptical of trusting a leak like this, but it’s worth noting that the site was spot-on when it came to predicting last month’s games.

They were also responsible for leaking the new incredible DualSense controller colors, several days before the official announcement by PlayStation. Because of that, we believe the source to be trustworthy but it’s still worth taking this news with a grain of salt.

But with the PS5 stock shortage ending soon, more gamers than ever will soon be able to enjoy this month’s free games.

According to the new leak, the free PlayStation Plus games in June 2021 are:

Operation Tango (PS5)

operation tango free ps plus june 2021
(Source: Clever Plays)

Operation: Tango is an espionage-themed cooperative adventure challenging you and a friend to complete dangerous missions across the globe in a high-tech near-future world. The game is releasing on June 1, promising to be an incredible online co-op experience – so long as you each have a mic!

Star Wars: Squadrons (PS4)

star wars squadrons free ps plus june 2021
(Source: EA)

Star Wars: Squadrons is a first-person space combat game set in the Star Wars universe featuring a full campaign and high-octane multiplayer action. It even has some incredible PSVR support for those who want to fully immersive themselves.

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Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (PS4)

virtua fighter 5 ps plus june 2021
(Source: SEGA)

This one is an interesting one, as Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown was only revealed AFTER the leak claimed it was coming to PS Plus. This is an upgraded version of the original Virtual Fighter for PS3, designed for eSports action.

“This work brings the best possible version of Virtua Fighter with all the changes and improvements that the game has undergone during the years that have passed since its original release,” Areajugones reports.

UPDATE: These games are now confirmed by PlayStation itself!

We’ll only have to wait until tomorrow to find out whether or not the claim is correct, according to Areajugones. In the meantime, there’s also some new exciting PS5 news to discover.

After all, this major PS4 title just got its PS5 upgrade, which is sure to make fans happy. And we even have a new release date for GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced!

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