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Free Halo TV Series Content Comes to Halo Infinite Season 2 Today

Halo Infinite Season 2 is getting free content from the Paramount+ TV series today, May 10. Here’s how to claim it.

Finally, Halo Infinite Season 2 is here to give us a reason to return to 343 Industries’ Free-to-Play title. Since launch, Infinite has been criticized for not having much to offer in terms of content.

However, the new season does little to alleviate the game’s most pressing issue. With just 2 new maps in Season 2 so far, things are still a little sparse.

That said, a recent tease reveals that classic Halo maps could be coming to Infinite in the near future. And with the leaked Battle Royale mode also sounding promising, perhaps 343 is just hiding its plans for now.

Halo Paramount+ TV Show

One thing that the developer did announce quite some time ago, was that content from the Halo Paramount+ TV series would be arriving in Infinite soon. And now, the day is finally here.

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All Halo Paramount+ TV Show Items in Halo Infinite

As a celebration of Halo’s long-awaited TV series on Paramount+, 343 Industries has added 6 new items to Halo Infinite.

Here’s what’s up for grabs from May 10 onward.

  • Together We Rise – Emblem
  • Sword of Mercy – Emblem
  • Artifact – Emblem
  • Artifact – Weapon Charm
  • Silver Team – Weapon Charm
  • Silver Team – Emblem
Halo Infinite Halo TV Show Cosmetics
343 Industries

Sadly, those anticipating something more exciting, like armor, weapon skins, or AI will be left disappointed. But for those who are enjoying seeing Halo on their TVs at last, it’s a nice touch.

Halo Infinite: How to Claim Halo TV Show Cosmetics

To claim all the new Halo TV show cosmetics in Halo Infinite, simply log into the game as normal from May 10 onwards.

Most likely, the new content drop will go live at 10 AM PT / 12 PM CT / 1 PM ET alongside the daily store refresh. 343 hasn’t revealed if this is a limited-time offering, so it’s entirely possible that fans will be able to collect these goodies whenever they next pop online.

Meanwhile, we’ve got news about all upcoming event dates for Halo Infinite Season 2 here! Don’t miss out on the upcoming Entrenched Fracture dates, as well as Alpha Pack, The Yappening, and more!

And to give you even more incentive to return, Halo Infinite just made all event challenges easier, after players complained about the recent content.

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