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Free Games PS5 Games Coming to PS Plus This April – Rumor Roundup

What free games are coming to PS Plus in April? Let’s examine what all the current rumors are saying – and how true they’re likely to be.

It’s that time again, the part of the month when speculation runs wild about which free PS Plus games will soon be heading our way.

Sony has confirmed that April’s free PS Plus games will be revealed on the 31st of March, so we don’t have long to wait. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from working overtime about which ones they could be.

The good news is we do have some idea of what’s coming in April; Oddworld Soulstorm is already confirmed as the month's free PS5 game.

We also know that Horizon: Zero Dawn will be given away for free later in April thanks to Sony’s Play at Home initiative.

So, the question now becomes; what free PS4 games will be given away for free on PS Plus during the month of April?

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PS Plus April Rumors

Every month there’s always a collection of rumors about which games are coming to PS Plus. Most of them turn out to be false, but there’s always that one that turns out to be correct.

This month is no different, with one rumor claiming that Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Gran Turismo Sport, and Gravity Rush will be the free PS4 games for April.

The next one suggests that The Order 1886 and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding will be among what we get. This is interesting, as Kojima has been in the news this week discussing his next project.

Another rumor suggests that Marvel's Spider-Man will be a free game in April. Although it would make more sense to release the PS5 version, which won’t happen now we know that Oddworld is taking up that spot.

Although Sony could do what they did in March with the Final Fantasy 7 remake. As in, offering it for free on PS4, but those who want the upgraded PS5 version will need to buy it separately.

Further Rumors For April’s PS Plus Line-Up

The next rumor suggests that Nier Automata, Surviving Mars, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, No Man's Sky, Dark Souls Remastered, and Firewatch will be the free PS4 games in April.

This would be a generous selection, so sadly we feel it’s probably too good to be true. But we’re open to being pleasantly surprised.

Another rumor proposes Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order or Star Wars Squadrons could appear. But this one doesn’t reveal what else will be joining them, again take it with a pinch of salt.

Finally, a leak from Japan that appeared overnight on Reddit suggests Civilization 6 will be joining the line-up. Of course, this is unconfirmed at the time of writing.

That sums up all the significant PS Plus rumors so far; the question is, are any of them true?

Whatever the case may be, April’s free PS Plus games will be available for members to download on the 6th of April.

It’s an exciting time to be a PS5 owner, as a recent leak also suggested 747 prototype games were soon coming to the console.

But it’s also the end of an era this summer for the PS Store – find out why here.

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