Diablo 4’s Beta is currently in Early Access but gamers can get a code for free and hop in right now. Ordinarily, Blizzard Entertainment requires that fans buy the game now in order to gain access, but there’s a way around the paywall.

To get a Diablo 4 Early Access Beta code for free, users can pre-order the game on Amazon, which won’t take payment right away.

Pre-ordering Diablo 4 on Amazon should immediately dispatch a code for Beta Early Access to your email inbox. After redeeming your code, you’re free to cancel your Diablo pre-order and never pay a cent!

Diablo 4 on Amazon
While we've tested this method personally and immediately received a code, Amazon does state that 'codes will be sent within 24 hours'. If your access doesn't come through right away, it should be with you within a few hours.

Amazon will not charge your card until the game is dispatched shortly before release day on June 6. Canceling your pre-order will not affect your Beta Access, nor will it incur any additional charges.

Note: It doesn’t matter what version of Diablo 4 you purchase, your Beta code will allow you to pick a platform of your choice to redeem. Pre-ordering the PS5 version of Diablo 4 does not lock you into a PlayStation Beta code.

Cancel Your Pre-Order & Redeem Beta Code

To cancel your Amazon order, simply:

  • Select Accounts & Lists
  • Choose Your Orders
  • Find Diablo 4
  • Select Cancel Items
How to Cancel Amazon Order Diablo 4

Here’s where to redeem your Diablo 4 Beta Code and get access to the game right now!

This isn’t the only way players can get access to the Diablo 4 Beta Early Access this weekend, but it is one of the only ways to do so for free!

Where to Redeem Diablo 4 Beta Code

But if you’re sure that you’ll be buying the full release, here are the best places to pre-order Diablo 4 and enjoy some great benefits!

Now, enjoy hopping into Early Access and joining the battle against Lilith! Be sure to earn these permanent rewards in the Diablo 4 Beta to keep them forever.

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