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Free Cyberpunk 2077 Upgrade on PS5/Xbox Series X – Is It Worth Waiting For?

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a troubled launch due to its many bugs and glitches. But a free Cyberpunk 2077 upgrade on PS5/Xbox Series X is coming in 2021. Could this version be the one we were promised?

Despite releasing to critical acclaim, the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4, Xbox One and PC is suffering from bugs and glitches. It’s clear that the game would have benefitted from more development time.

It’s particularly bad when played on the standard versions of the PS4 and Xbox One, but even the PC version is a buggy mess. However, there are mild improvements on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Those playing the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X appear to be having the easiest time. This begs the question, should players consider simply waiting for the free Cyberpunk 2077 upgrade on PS5/Xbox Series X?

How Well Does Cyberpunk 2077 Run On PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X?

Free Cyberpunk 2077 Upgrade on PS5/Xbox Series X is Coming

The Cyberpunk 2077 upgrade on PS5/Xbox Series X/S will arrive in 2021. Those who bought the game on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to upgrade to the PS5, Xbox Series X version for free.

The game will also release properly on PS5 and Xbox Series X at the same time - and will essentially be a remastered and upgraded version of the PS4, Xbox One edition. It’s also arguably, going to be the true version of Cyberpunk 2077.

Those who didn’t purchase the game at launch, possibly wanting to see how said launch would play out and read the Cyberpunk 2077 reviews, may choose to wait until this version releases. This way, they skip the bugged and glitch ridden version and can play Cyberpunk 2077 as it was intended.

It does beg the question; why would someone struggle through an inferior and unfinished product when an upgraded and (hopefully) bug-free version is on the horizon? Is this simply a case of good things coming to those who wait?

Should console players wait for the patch? Or does it make more sense to wait even longer until the Cyberpunk 2077 upgrade on PS5/Xbox Series X/S arrives? Of course, it depends on each individual player’s choice – and not everybody owns a next-gen console.

But at least the PS5, Xbox Series X version will benefit from running natively on the new hardware. This way, players can enjoy ray tracing, more frames per second, and a more stable resolution.

Cyberpunk 2077 Upgrade Is Welcome - But Rushed Games Are An Industry Problem

We could be wrong, but we find it unlikely that CD Projekt Red, a reputable and talented group of developers, would make this same mistake again. Clearly there has been issues during Cyberpunk 2077’s launch.

Failure to reach anticipated deadlines (something to which all human beings are culpable) and fan pressure both seem to have contributed to a rushed and troubled release.

It seems to us that the game has released prematurely to quieten the impatient mob. Who the developers lightly trolled before release.

Although the developers have traded one problem for another. Releasing games before they are ready is never the answer; players must learn to wait until they are ready – or these situations will continue to happen.

Yet we imagine by the time the PS5 and Xbox Series X version arrives, these issues will be a thing of the past. CD Projekt Red could be banking on this, the multiple delays of Cyberpunk 2077 seemingly suggesting they knew the product wasn’t fully ready.

Patches and software updates are the only way to redeem the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game. While PC Cyberpunk 2077 players can adjust their settings to make running the game easier, they really shouldn’t have needed to.

By all accounts, Cyberpunk 2077 is unplayable on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Those who don’t own a PS5 and Xbox Series X are depending on the devs to deliver a solution.

But for those who own a recently released next-gen console, waiting for the free Cyberpunk 2077 upgrade on PS5/Xbox Series X/S now looks like an appealing option.

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