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How to Claim Free Bundles in Black Ops Cold War

There’s a new free bundle to claim in Black Ops Cold War – here’s how you do it, so you’re not missing out.

From time to time, Activision gives out new free bundles for players in Black Ops Cold War. These gifts are timed exclusives, meaning that fans must log in within a certain time period or risk missing the content forever.

The free bundles make a nice change from Activision’s usual system. After all, looking at the prices for the new leaked Mastercraft weapons in Cold War gives us a good idea as to just how the company is reporting record earnings.

Happy Holidays Free Bundle Black Ops Cold War
(Source: COD Tracker)

Whether you’re looking to claim the Free Holiday bundle in Black Ops Cold War or any other future drop, here’s how it’s done:

Claiming a Free Bundle in Black Ops Cold War

To claim a free bundle in Black Ops Cold War, it’s as simple as logging on to the game and selecting Multiplayer. Heading into the game’s online mode while a free bundle is active will display a pop-up on the player’s screen.

The incoming rewards will display, and players must hit confirm to continue. It’s actually rather difficult to miss, as there is no obvious way of exiting out from the screen.

Free bundle Black ops Cold War
(Source: Treyarch)

This is much different from Call of Duty: Warzone, where it is far easier to miss a free bundle. In the cosmetic bundle section of the battle royale store, players must scroll down the list of options to find their free bundle usually hiding near the end.

Perhaps Black Ops Cold War has so few cosmetics right now that Activision isn’t choosing to hide the bundles. However, this is all about to change, with 108 cosmetic bundles coming to Black Ops Cold War.

Another incoming cosmetic drop will bring Soap MacTavish to Warzone and Modern Warfare. However, Call of Duty fans aren’t happy with Soap’s new look.

Later today, Black Ops Cold War is dropping a brand new update with heavily requested features finally coming to the game. Players will also be able to earn double Cold War Battle Pass XP around the Christmas period.

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