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How To Unlock A Free Anime Weapon Blueprint in Warzone & Cold War

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone players can now claim a free anime weapon blueprint with just a few simple steps.

Weapon blueprints are some of the coolest items players can get in Warzone and Cold War, but many of them are pretty expensive. They are usually only available as part of bundles that players have to buy in the COD Store, or as a reward for completing limited-time challenges.

However, some Warzone players have found a hidden anime weapon blueprint that you can claim for totally free. Use these simple steps and you’ll be able to unlock it in no time.

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Warzone Cold War Anime Blueprint Glint Cannon

How To Unlock The Glint Cannon Anime Blueprint in Warzone & Cold War

Anime weapon blueprints are among the most popular in the game and some players even prefer them to the new ‘Reactive Blueprints’ that evolve as the match goes on.

The free anime blueprint that players can unlock is called the ‘Glint Cannon’ and it is for the LW3 Tundra sniper. This weapon features a bright pink magazine and muzzle attachment as is, of course, decorated with anime-style characters.

It’s also a very handy blueprint to have as the LW3 Tundra recently got a big buff, making it one of the best snipers in Warzone.

Warzone Cold War Anime Blueprint Glint Cannon

There are a few steps players have to do to unlock this free anime blueprint in Warzone:

  • Go to the Select Weapon menu
  • Select the Store tab next to the LW3 Tundra. This will show you every bundle containing a blueprint for the LW3 Tundra.
  • Scroll through all of the bundles until you see a free bundle. This will contain the Glint Cannon anime blueprint.
  • Claim the bundle that includes the Glint Cannon and Double XP Token for free.

And unlocking a free anime weapon blueprint in Warzone is as simple as that. However, you might want to be using another sniper for the time being as the no scope glint glitch is back in Warzone.

Warzone Cold War Glint Cannon Anime Blueprint Free Bundle

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