Leaked Forza Horizon 4 Concept Art Potentially Hints at Setting

Leaked Forza Horizon 4 Concept Art - Next Setting

New images have been leaked online that show a potential Forza Horizon 4 setting. The images are only labeled as concept art but they could hint at the locations that will be involved in the game.

Forza Horizon 4 Concept Art & PotentialĀ Setting

Forza Horizon 4 Concept Art Forza Horizon 4 Concept Art Forza Horizon 4 Concept Art Forza Horizon 4 Concept Art Forza Horizon 4 Concept Art

The concept art shows a very colourful, modern city. There are a lot of tall buildings covered in lights. Also, there is a photo which shows a street with Chinese symbols on shop signs. Some Reddit users think this is a hint towards the game being set in Hong Kong.

Many players had hoped that the next game in the Horizon series would move to Japan. However, the idea of racing around different ranges of Hong Kong is appealing to many. Some theories suggest that there could be a distinct ‘Asian Themed Edition’. Reddit User /Liberty_Call suggested that Hong Kong would be the City location. To fit with this theory, they state that Thailand could be a Jungle setting and Japan could be for hill climbs.

This potential setting differs to the fan theories that have been going around. TechRadar.com posted about a potential British theme for Forza Horizon 4. This theory is based around the fact that an update was made to Forza Motorsport 7 which saw thumbnails of famous British cars added to the game. In addition to this, the same thing happened with Australian cars in Forza Motorsport 6. In that case, Australian cars were added to the game. A little while later it was announced that Forza Horizon 3 would be based in Australia.

News about the game is expected to be released at E3 2018 in a couple of weeks. What kind of setting are you hoping for?


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