To unlock the Fortune Teller, Seadall, in Fire Emblem Engage players need to reach Chapter 15 and talk to them with Alear after defeating all the enemies.

In the Chapter 15 battle, Alear can move into one of the adjacent spaces next to Seadall and select Talk from the action list.

This will cause Seadall to join your squad as a new ally. Not only is Seadall the first male Dancer in the Fire Emblem series, but he also unlocks a brand-new feature in The Somniel – Fortune Telling.

How to Recruit Fortune Teller Seadall Fire Emblem Engage

Seadall isn’t the only ally you can acquire mid-combat. Here are all the possible units you can recruit in Fire Emblem Engage – and how to get them on your side!

Of course, Seadall has to survive the battle of Chapter 15 in order to appear in The Somniel. And if you miss your chance to talk to him, he won’t be available later in the story!

Where to Find the Fortune Teller in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you’ve recruited Seadall, you can find the Fortune Teller in The Somniel. The Fortune Teller’s stand is directly down from the Farmyard, on the right side of the hub world.

However, the Fortune Teller will only be available at night. To change the time in The Somniel, simply return to your room and sleep.

Where to Find the Fortune Teller in Fire Emblem Engage

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What Does the Fortune Teller Do in Fire Emblem Engage?

When using the Fortune Teller’s services, players will be given a Tarot Card reading that reveals one of your units is thinking about another.

For the next battle, these two soldiers will gain bonus Support points when fighting alongside one another. If you want to raise their Support bond, it pays to pair them up in your next combat encounter.

Fire Emblem Engage Fortune Teller Seadall

Seeing as a major nerf to Support experience is one of Fire Emblem’s biggest issues, the Fortune Teller can be a very handy feature to have on hand. However, it’s also one more thing you need to visit after every battle.

Seadall is also one of Fire Emblem Engage’s romance options! Don’t miss recruiting him if you’re looking for true love.