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The Best Weapons & Tips For Fortnite Zero Build

These are the best weapons and tips that Fortnite Zero Build players will need to easily win matches consistently.

Fortnite Zero Build has quickly risen to the ranks of Fortnite as one of the most popular modes on the battle royale. A lot of players actually prefer it over the original build mode.

But because of the removal of the building mechanic, Fortnite Zero Build implanted a more refined movement system.

Here we’ve put together all the best weapons for Fortnite Zero Build and some essential tips to help you obtain a victory crown.

Fortnite Zero Build Arena Mode - All Rewards

Best Fortnite Zero Build Weapons

These are the best weapons to use in Fortnite Zero Build mode to obtain easy wins and melt your competition.

  • Cobra DMR
  • Hammer Assault Rife
  • Suppressed SMG
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper
  • Prime Shotgun
the Prime Shotgun, Hammer Assault Rifle and Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper from Fortnite

Of course, while there are plenty of other amazing weapons available in Fortnite Zero Build, these are the weapons you should be looking for when you land.

Fortnite Zero Build mode puts more emphasis on player accuracy and movement. Players are not able to build around themselves to evade danger.

So to have the best chance of survival, having a great weapon is critical. One of the biggest factors in selecting your weapon is the rarity. 

The difference between an Uncommon weapon and an Epic weapon is massive. If you’re going up to the final circle and don’t have at least one Epic in your inventory, then chances are you’ll be no match for other players.

Best Long Range Weapon in Zero Build

The best long-range weapon in Fortnite Zero Build is the recently unvaulted Cobra DMR. 

It is effective from both long and close distances, thanks to its medium-range scope that doesn’t obscure too much detail at close-range.

The Cobra DMR can also pack a punch thanks to its fast fire rate and reload times. You can practically use it as an assault rifle in most cases.

the Lennox Rose skin from Fortnite looking at a Cobra DMR

If you want something with a bit more firepower, then you should check out the Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper. It’s definitely more effective at long range, so not very useful if your opponent gets in your face.

However, if you manage to land a headshot with the Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper, then you can kill your opponent instantly. Just be ready to switch to a shotgun or SMG if you miss.

Best Overall Weapon in Zero Build

If you can only have one weapon in Fortnite Zero Build, well it would have to be the Cobra DMR. It is by far one of the most versatile weapons in the game, especially thanks to its quick fire rate and clip size. 

You’ll be able to take out a decent amount of players with this weapon alone, so long as you have enough ammunition. 

If you manage to find one in the brand-new lucrative Holo Chests, then you should absolutely take it and use it in battle.

the Lennox Rose skin from Fortnite looking at a Hammer Assault Rifle

Of course, if you can use another weapon alongside it – go on, we’ll be generous – then grab a Hammer Assault Rifle as quickly as possible. 

Its fire rate and large clip size make it a formidable weapon, especially if you manage to find one at Epic rarity or higher. 

Best Fortnite Zero Build Tips for Easy Wins

For easy wins in Fortnite Zero Build, follow these steps:

  • When you land, don’t think about getting the best loot. Prioritize your shields and obtain at least one weapon. That way, you’ll be ready to quickly challenge another player who prioritized rare weapons but doesn’t have shields
  • Try to have at least three weapons in your inventory. We recommend going with a Shotgun, DMR (or equivalent long-range weapon), and an Assault Rifle
  • Make sure you drop in either one of the best landing spots available or, if you’re not particularly confident, then somewhere further away from the drop line. Just make sure to run when the Storm starts moving
  • Make sure to have a Med Mist and at least two Small Shield potions with you at all times, as if you are in the midst of a heated battle, they’ll recover your health and shields the fastest
  • Use as much cover as you can to rotate around the map. If there are buildings, try to maintain the high ground

Of course, just surviving in Fortnite Zero Build isn’t enough. You’ll also need tips to help you win that beautiful Victory Royale.

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