If you think you’ve been practicing your Fortnite enough, you could take part in the Zero Build Arena mode, and you may get the chance to earn some exclusive rewards.

If you’ve been taking part in Fortnite’s Zero Build mode since it arrived, you may have been waiting for an Arena version of Zero Build to arrive.

Compared to normal matches, Arena will require players to bring their A-Game. And if you manage to become one of the best players, you’ll earn some exclusive rewards.

But before we go any further, you may be wondering what Fortnite’s Arena mode is.

What is Fornite’s Zero Build Arena Mode?

Fortnite’s Zero Build Arena mode is a limited-time game mode that allows players to take on others in a more competitive setting.

Fortnite What is Zero Build Arena Mode and What Rewards Are There

Unlike standard matches of Fortnite, players earn Hype based on eliminations and placements. The more Hype they get, the higher they rise through the leagues.

As you enter higher leagues, you’ll compete with more challenging competitors. But, you’ll have more chances of getting exclusive rewards. And those at the top can unlock tournaments, which could lead to cash prizes.

Different actions during matches will earn you Hype, such as placing in the Top 10 or eliminating opponents. As you progress through leagues, the scores will be altered to make them more competitive.

There are three leagues; Open League, with four divisions, Contender League, with three divisions, and Champions League, with three divisions too.

However, once you reach the Contender League, you’ll be paying Hype to the Battle Bus at the start of each match. So, losing numerous matches could see you drop in rank.

What is Fornite's Zero Build Arena Mode

The Fortnite Zero Build Arena game mode starts July 12 and will last until August 30, 2022. After that, the mode will be removed.

Fortnite Zero Build Arena Hype Scores

Here are all of the actions that can earn you Hype points during Zero Build Arena matches in Fortnite:

  • Victory Royale: 50 Hype
  • Top 2: 25 Hype
  • Top 3: 10 Hype
  • Top 4: 10 Hype
  • Top 5: 20 Hype
  • Top 6: 10 Hype
  • Top 7: 15 Hype
  • Top 8: 15 Hype
  • Top 9: 10 Hype
  • Top 10: 10 Hype
  • Top 15: 10 Hype
  • Eliminations
    • Open League: 15 Hype
    • Contenders League: 10 Hype
    • Champions League: 5 Hype
  • Bus Fares come in after Contenders League and future divisions
    • 5: -30 Hype
    • 6: -40 Hype
    • 7: -50 Hype
    • 8: -60 Hype
    • 9: -70 Hype
    • 10: -70 Hype

But are the rewards worth playing Fortnite’s Zero Build Arena mode for?

Fortnite Zero Build Arena Mode – All Rewards

Those who want some exclusive and limited-time cosmetics will want to get their hands on these Fortnite Zero Build Arena rewards!

Fortnite Zero Build Arena Mode - All Rewards

If you play enough of Zero Build Arena, you will get these rewards:

  • 400 Hype: Drippy Drift Spray
  • Contender League: GGG Emoticon
  • Champion League: GOATICON Emoticon

If you want to take a look at the rewards, you can find them in a tweet below!

It doesn’t seem like much, but if you like earning rewards that will become unavailable in the future, you’ll want to grab these while you can!