According to a new leak, Fortnite is partnering with LEGO as part of its development on the upcoming Creative 2.0 mode which will allow users to create their own maps and experiences.

Evidence provided by leaker GMatrixGames hints at a full LEGO brick database being imported into the Battle Royale title.

Creative mode in Fortnite was a huge hit with the game’s community when it first released in 2018. The mode allows users to create their own ways to play, by buildings maps, using custom rulesets, and even coming up with unique game modes.

Recently we saw YouTuber MrBeast give away $1 million using his own mode made in Fortnite Creative. But now it seems that, as part of the upcoming Creative 2.0 overhaul, LEGO could be coming to the game.

The leaker, who recently also claimed that Family Guy could finally be coming to Fortnite, indicates that a full database of LEGO bricks is in the works for Creative 2.0.

The user even speculates that an entire LEGO island could also come to the game, though whether that will ever come to pass remains to be seen.

For now, we’d recommend taking this leak with a grain of salt, even though GMatrixGames does appear to show code from test servers that includes LEGO assets.

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What Is Creative 2.0 in Fortnite?

Creative 2.0 is a more advanced version of Fortnite’s Creative mode editor, also known as ‘Unreal Editor for Fortnite,’ that is set to debut in January 2023. The mode will let players build more unique and higher-quality game content and make it available to others – all for free!

What’s more, creators will be able to code their own experiences with a unique scripting language. Mastering this new code will allow users to make their custom experiences more impressive than anything on offer in the original Creative mode.

Fortnite Creative Mode

CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney even states that creators will be able to monetize their content with an in-built economy in Creative 2.0.

“We’re building an economy,” Sweeney confirmed in an interview with FastCompany. “It will support creators actually building businesses around their work and making increasing amounts of profit from the commerce that arises from people playing their content.”

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