More is being revealed about the upcoming Dragon Ball collaboration with Fortnite, which is leaked to be coming soon.

Fortnite is often seen as the ultimate gaming crossover. After all, there’s no other official game out there where you can go toe-to-toe with Superman, Master Chief, Kratos, and Naruto in the same squad.

But recently, Epic Games’ Battle Royale has been branching out even further, into the realm of anime. Certain anime-style skins have begun appearing in-game as part of recent Battle Passes, and one major collaboration has already dropped.

Naruto Rivals in Fortnite

In fact, there are now 2 separate Fortnite x Naruto collabs in the game, with 8 characters making an appearance from the iconic series. But that has always begged the question, which major franchise is coming next?

Recently, we had our first big leak for a Dragon Ball crossover with Fortnite! And now further details are emerging about the upcoming collaboration.

UPDATE: The Dragon Ball x Fortnite Release Date Has Been Revealed!

4 Dragon Ball Skins Coming to Fortnite, Leaker Claims

According to a new tweet by Fortnite insider MidaRado, 4 new skins are coming to Fortnite with its upcoming Dragon Ball collaboration.

Given that both Naruto crossovers had 4 skins in total, that definitely seems to make sense. And given that each of those skins had 2 separate variants, that could mean a total of 8 unique appearances are dropping in Epic Games’ Battle Royale soon.

But which skins will be making an appearance? While MidaRado wasn’t able to reveal which iconic characters will be featured, we can have a pretty good guess.

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power Roster

We’d be shocked if one of the upcoming bundles didn’t feature Goku and Vegeta. But for the second bundle, our money’s on Gohan and Piccolo.

After all, the duo are the main standouts in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, as well as being fan favorites. Personally though, we’d like to see Frieza make an appearance sooner or later.

UPDATE: 3 of the 4 Dragon Ball skins are already leaking here! And it looks as though our guesswork wasn’t correct.

“I’m so hyped and there’s so much more I want to talk to you guys about but it’ll take time,” Mida reports. “It’s going to be awesome and I’m totally OVERhyped”

MidaRado‘s information should be taken with a pinch of salt for now. That said, it’s worth noting that Fortnite leakers tend to have a much better track record than other games.

But could we see another Fortnite x Stranger Things collab in the future? It hasn’t returned so far, but this fan-made Vecna Fortnite skin looks incredible!

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