Spider-Man and Fortnite continue teasing their upcoming collaboration as they task players with putting up ‘Where’s Miles’ posters across the map.

These posters are of Spider-Man heroin Miles Morales, who is the main subject of this latest Fortnite crossover.

There are seven spots for players to put these posters up, but you will only need to complete three of them.

How to Put Up Where’s Miles Posters

To put up the ‘Where’s Miles’ posters, you will need to head to one of the seven locations and interact with the glitching poster canvas.

Once you interact, the ‘Where’s Miles’ poster will replace the blank canvas. When you interact with a poster, you will not be able to do so again.

While these posters suggest Miles is missing, we do know that he will be showing up in Fortnite with his very own skin!

All Where’s Miles Poster Locations in Fortnite

The Where’s Miles poster locations are in the following areas:

Shattered Slabs

  • #1 – Found in the underground section to the North of the POI.
    • At the north of Shattered Slabs, you will find a square hole with an Ascender. Head down the zipline to locate the poster location.
  • #2 – Located at the South of the POI near the NPC Mystica.
    • This poster location is on the far South of Shattered Slabs. It is on the rock directly across the building Mystica roams around.

Mega City

  • #3 – Located in the underground section of the Southwest building adjacent to the central skyscraper.
    • This poster is found on the East side of Mega City and across the river. It is found in the underground of the first building on this side.
  • #4 – Located on the side of the first building you see walking across the central bridge to the East.
    • While walking towards the East, this poster will be on the side of the first building on the other end of the bridge.

Slappy Shores

  • #5 – Found under the Northside of the bridge.
    • This poster location is located under the bridge and under the stairs leading up to the main road.
  • #6 – Found under the Southside of the bridge.
    • The location for this poster is found through the gate under the bridge on the Southside.

Solitary Shrine landmark

  • #7 – Located at the entrance of the Solitary Shrine Landmark.
    • This poster is easily found at the front steps of the shrine.
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