Grabbing a Society Medallion is an excellent way to get heals, and here is every place you can obtain one in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1!

There are a ton of new changes in this latest Fortnite Chapter. One of the most notable is an update to healing. Not only do Med Kits and Shield Potions provide health while drinking, but the new Medallions can constantly heal you.

So, without delay, let’s dive into everything you need to know about getting a Society Medallion in the battle royale game.

Where to Get a Society Medallion

Fortnite gamers can find a Society Medallion in each of the following five locations:

  1. Snooty Steppes
  2. Reckless Railways
  3. Grand Glacier
  4. Lavish Lair
  5. Fencing Fields

Upon landing or traveling here, you must eliminate the NPC Boss holding the item. When defeated, they will drop a Medallion you can collect.

Fortnite Society Medallion locations

What Do Society Medallions Do?

Society Medallions will:

  • Regenerate your Shield at 1 Shield per second
  • Give you access to a Vault containing high-value loot
  • Show your location on the map using a radius of where you are

Having a Society Medallion in your inventory will give you 1 Shield per second if your Shield bar is not full. The more Medallions you have, the faster you gain Shield. You will earn 5 Shield per second if you have all five.

Additionally, each Medallion will provide access to a Vault within the location where it was picked up. Follow the blue-outlined path to access a ton of loot and the new Mod Benches.

Blue Path

However, picking up these new items does have a catch. With one of these on your person, you will be shown on the map by a search radius, letting every other player know where you are.

The more of these Medallions you have, the more precise the radius will be!

Fortnite Society Medallion Radius
The radius of a player holding a Medallion
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