The Zero Point Fish is back in Fortnite – here’s how and where to find the rare catch to give yourself a huge boost in-game.

In a recent update, Fortnite added the Boogie Bombs and Zero Point Fish to its loot pool, and we’re happy to have both back at last!

However, players are already complaining about the powerful items being a little too good, particularly in Zero Build modes.

Here’s where to find Boogie Bombs in Fortnite Season 3!

And if you’re after the elusive Zero Point Fish, here’s everything you need to know!

Fortnite Zero Point Fish

Where to Catch a Zero Point Fish

A Zero Point Fish can be fished up at any Fishing Spot in Fortnite, using a Fishing Rod or Harpoon Gun. However, we’ve got a few tips to help you catch it in no time.

First of all, given that the Zero Point Fish is a rare catch, you’ll ideally want a Pro Fishing Rod to get your hands on one.

Where to Get a Pro Fishing Rod in Fortnite

For a guaranteed Pro Fishing Rod spawn in Fortnite, you’ll want to head to Sleepy Sound and visit Fishsticks at his Sticks restaurant.

Interact with the NPC and he’ll offer to sell you a Pro Fishing Rod for 30 Gold Bars.

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Where to Get a Pro Fishing Rod in Fortnite

Alternatively, the item can be found randomly in Fishing Rod Barrels near bodies of water. You can also use an Upgrade Bench to change any Fishing Rod into a Pro Fishing Rod for 250 Gold Bars.

Best Fishing Spot to Find a Zero Point Fish

For the best possible chance of getting a Zero Point Fish, you’ll want to find this tiny island to the Northwest of Rave Cave.

Fortnite Best Fishing Spot

This miniature island, just offshore from the snow-coated region, contains a handful of Fishing Spots, as well as several rods if you need them.

Not only will you be alone here, but you’ve also got access to a ton of fish without needing to worry about moving.

Best Fishing Spot to Find a Zero Point Fish

Chances are, you’ll find that Zero Point Fish before long!

What Does the Zero Point Fish Do?

Consuming the Zero Point Fish in-game will give players the power of the Zero Point. Not only will you heal 15 HP on use, but for 20 seconds players will be able to double tap jump to teleport in a given direction.

Seeing as you can hold up to 2 Zero Point Fish at one time, why not take them with you and get the drop on an opponent later?

Don’t forget to check out the new Fortnite POI Blooming Bungalow which changes every time you drop there!

And you’ll want to make sure you complete all your weekly missions before the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3!

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