A new set of trials is available in Fortnite, and players must locate “These Boats Bring Cargo” as part of the Postcard Tour.

The Postcard Tour trials bring players all across the map, where they must decipher these riddles to discover the location they must head to.

These challenges offer a ton of XP to complete, so they are worth attempting to increase your Fortnite level and unlock more of the Battle Pass.

These Boats Bring Cargo Location in Fortnite

The These Boats Bring Cargo can be located to the south of Mega City in the body of water. Steamy Springs, Mega City, and Kenjutsu Crossing surround this lake.

Players will find the boat on the east of the lake and will need to step foot onto the vessel to complete the challenge.

Along with the new trials is the new weekly challenges! This week’s quests are pretty straightforward, but players may struggle with finding the location of Styx and Dahlia.

These Boats Bring Cargo

After locating and stepping foot onto the boat, a second challenge will become available. You will need to dance on the vehicle to complete it.

However, players may need to be careful as multiple enemies could land here to complete the riddle. We recommend landing at one of the neighboring POIs to gather loot and shields before finishing this task.

Players can complete the quest at any point throughout the game, so choosing to land nearby and heading to the boat at a later date may be a safer option.

Once both of these tasks have been completed, you will move onto the next part of the Postcard Tour.

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