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Fortnite: Where to Find Shield Bubble Locations & How to Use Them

Fortnite has yet another returning item with the Shield Bubble in Chapter 3 Season 2 – here’s where to find them and what they do:

As ever, the Fortnite meta is constantly evolving. Epic Games seems to like to keep the game feeling fresh by vaulting and unvaulting special items just as players begin to get used to the current state of the Battle Royale.

Most recently, the developer re-added the powerful Air Strike, a legendary item that rains down fire on a location of a player’s choice. Now, acting as some protection from the missiles, we have the Shield Bubble to keep us safe.

Of course, Fortnite also has lightsabers in the game for now, for the May 4 celebration event. And speaking of Star Wars content, it looks as though Obi-Wan and Darth Vader are just two of Fortnite’s biggest upcoming collaborations!

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Fortnite: What Is A Shield Bubble & What Does It Do?

The Shield Bubble is one of Fortnite Season 2’s most handy tools. Players can throw this grenade-like item which will attach to any object, with the exception of other players.

Throw it down at the ground and a large transparent shield dome will form around that point. Shield Bubbles last for 30 seconds and they will automatically disappear after that time.

However, for the duration of the 30 seconds, no projectile or explosive will be able to pass through the bubble. That said, all players can walk inside the shield wall freely.

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Fortnite What Is A Shield Bubble
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Why not try attaching the Shield Bubble to a vehicle for some extra protection while driving around the map?

Where to Find a Shield Bubble in Fortnite

Right now Shield Bubble drops appear to be turning up as regular loot in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. However, some players are struggling to find them as the items appear to be rarer than most.

Of course, Fortnite’s vaults or incoming Supply Drops almost guarantee rare loot, and Shield Bubbles are likely to turn up in these locations too. Another good place to look appears to be on the remaining blimps, and particularly in The Fortress and Command Cavern.

Don’t forget to vote for the item in-game if you want it to stick around!

Recently, Epic Games re-confirmed plans to release Fortnite Creative 2.0 later this year. We can’t wait to see what the community can come up with!

Plus, don’t miss Fortnite being back on iPhones again, though only through Cloud Gaming!

And could Jurassic Park be coming to Fortnite in Season 3?

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