Here’s where to find Reality Seed Pods and how to break them open for the new Fortnite Week 6 Quest.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 offers fans a lot of mission to complete for some extra experience. And with a lot of the game revolving around the mysterious Reality Tree, it’s no surprise that one of our missions involves its seed pods.

Week 6 has given us another boatload of XP in the form of new quests. None of the week’s challenges are overly complicated to complete, but one of them might have you scratching your heads.

Where to Find Reality Seed Pods

To find a Reality Seed Pod, head to Reality Falls, where the Reality Tree awaits. You can also find the pods in areas taken over by the Reality Tree, such as the new Logjam Lotus.

Look for the large tree roots found around this area and you’ll notice large purple pods lying in wait for you. They’re also found anywhere that the Reality Tree roots have spread, but Reality Falls is your best bet.

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Where to Find Reality Seed Pods

How to Break Open Reality Seed Pods

To break open Reality Seed Pods, simply attack the node with your pickaxe until their health is depleted.

The pod will smash open and release seeds which can you use to plant your own Reality Sapling! Therefore, you can get an easy start on your other Week 6 challenge to pick a Legendary or Mythic fruit.

How to Break Open Reality Seed Pods

Be sure to plant your new Reality Seed to get easy Mythic weapons in Fortnite Season 3!

You can see an easy guide to completing this Week 6 challenge below. Thanks to YouTuber Vizion for their handy video.

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