If you’re looking for the newly-unvaulted Crash Pad in Fortnite Season 3, here’s where you need to search:

Fortnite likes to keep things fresh, even in the middle of its seasons. As such, the game has a constant stream of new items joining and leaving the battle royale.

The newest item to return to Epic Games’ popular BR is the Crash Pad. This potentially life-saving item is more useful than you’d think, particularly for those that enjoy build modes.

And speaking of keeping things fresh, did you know there’s a POI that changes every game in Fortnite?

What Is a Crash Pad in Fortnite?

The Crash Pad is a rare item that allows players to avoid all fall damage, no matter what height they’re leaping from.

Fortnite Crash Pad

When thrown, it creates an inflatable pad on the ground that launches a player that comes into contact with it. As such, throwing one below you when you’re falling could save your life, in a pinch – and you can even hit jump while in the air to toss one underneath yourself.

Crash Pads stick around for a short period of time before deflating, but they can also be destroyed. To take out a Crash Pad, hit it with any weapon, or throw another Crash Pad nearby.

Where to Find Crash Pads

Crash Pads are rare spawns, but they can be found in Chests, Supply Drops, and even as floor loot in Fortnite. Head to any POI on the island and you’ll find a Crash Pad without too much effort.

Fortnite Find a Crash Pad
Crash Pad found in a chest in the new Blooming Bungalow POI

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But the item might not be in the game’s loot pool for long. It’s only a little while longer until the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, after all.

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