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Fortnite: What Is the Collider? New POI for Live Event

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is ending soon. We have a few reasons to think that The Collider is a POI for the Live Event!

Fortnite update 20.40 has brought a new POI which has appeared on the map.

A POI (Point of Interest) is a location of the map which is interesting to the players.

Whereas there have been multiple POIs in Fortnite, the latest one is called The Collider. The Collider has become a hotspot for players and an object of speculation since it first appeared.

Since 20.40 is the last big patch before the season ends, we can expect many new features and potential clues about the finale.

As you may know, there isn’t always a Live Event in Fortnite, although lately they have become the norm.

Recent leaks suggest that there will be a Live Event at the end of the season, and we believe that The Collider will have something to do with it!

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What Is The Collider?

The Collider is a massive new structure that has appeared on the Fortnite island.

It appears as a giant tower that has cut off the water towards the East side of the map.

The Collider POI is also known as the Imagined Order’s Doomsday Device.

If you are an experienced Fortnite player, you may know that the purpose of the Doomsday Device is to eliminate the Loop.

At the minute, it is one of the scariest landing spots for players in Fortnite. This is due to the number of players that have been landing there since it appeared.

Since this massive POI has been added just on time for the end of Season 2, we believe the Live Event will happen here!

It is also worth mentioning that recent leaks provided by iFireMonkey suggest very interesting potential features:

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Fortnite Collider
Epic Games

This leak includes phrases such as “moon pod”, “moon montage”, moon stasis”.

This leads us to believe that The Collider and the new season may have something to do with space, or have a space theme.

This would make sense since there has been speculation about Obi-Wan and Darth Vader collaborations.

There have also been leaks regarding a Jurassic World collaboration coming to Fortnite soon.

Furthermore, the Collider wasn’t the only new features added in v20.40. Sideways weapons have finally made a return, and players are so excited!

With Chapter 3 Season 2 ending very soon, players are wondering what is next in Fortnite!

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