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Fortnite Leak Suggests Fan-Favorite Vehicles To Return

A new Fortnite leak has revealed that many vehicles spanning seasons of gameplay could soon be returning.

Fortnite leaks have been rife recently. The game's code has revealed weapon mods and a brand new Tomb Raider with a Lara Croft skin. Plus, a new Kevin the Cube skin could be coming to the game very soon. But, a new leak about vehicles has stirred up the community.

Vehicles have been making a splash in Fortnite ever since their introduction. The shopping cart injected some fast-paced, silly fun into the game's transport options and has developed uncontrollably since.

fortnite joy ride vehicle leak
Fortnite's Joy Ride update

Modern Fortnite now sees supercars and trucks with pop tunes blasting through the radio, which is a far cry from yesteryear's transport options. These came to the game with the joy ride update, offering players their chance to rip across the island at breakneck speeds.

But, it looks like we're set to see some old vehicles return to the game, and they're fan-favorites.

We've seen the return of vehicles before, with the recent Operation Snowdown event bringing airplanes back to the game for an all-new game mode. So, these leaks aren't so difficult to believe.

Which Fortnite Vehicles Will Be Returning?

According to the leak, we'll get to see the return of vehicles from across various Fortnite seasons, implying that there's much more old content we could yet see come back to the game.

Leaker FNBRUnreleased has discovered that Ballers, Golf Carts, and Hoverboards have all been updated in Fortnite's code. This suggests that Epic Games have been working on the vehicles recently and could be on their way back to the game.

Following this, he tweeted out;

"Ballers and hoverboard have also been updated! We may see them making a return soon."

@FNBRUnreleased on Twitter

Fans have been desperate to see the return of older vehicles, especially the raucous golf cart, that allowed an entire team to speed across the map with ease. Seeing these old modes of transportation return in Fortnite code has lifted hopes in fans.

fortnite baller vehicle leak
Fortnite's Baller

When Will These Fortnite Vehicles Return?

Due to the leak tweets' vagueness, we don't know for certain when the vehicles will be making their grand return. As is usually the case with leaks found in the code, it likely won't be very long.

Fortnite golf cart vehicle leak
Fortnite's Golf Cart

We expect to see the baller, golf cart, and hoverboard back in Fortnite before the end of Season 6. This season has been packed for certain, and it looks like there's even more great content to come.

Even so, there's plenty of great content to keep you busy this season until then. The new Fortnite Predator challenges are live now, and there's a rare new emote to get your hands on too.

At least we know Epic Games are looking after their games, which is, unfortunately, more than we can say for Activision. In Warzone, helicopters are spontaneously exploding, downed players can still shoot their guns, and tracker apps are breaking.

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