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Fortnite v15.21 Reveals Predator Skin, New Cloaking Device, and More

Fortnite's latest update is just around the corner, and it's bringing with it new weapons, cosmetics and challenges.

Fortnite's in-game content has been more than enough to keep players busy recently. The Predator challenges have begun, and the new pump-action shotgun is keeping fans very happy.

But, more new content is just around the corner, and it's looking very exciting. New leaks have arisen just before the update's release, so here's what we know is coming soon.

Predator Pod in Fortnite Update 15.21
The Predator's Pod

Fortnite's Predator Skin Revealed

After the latest Predator challenges saw the hunter's ship crash land on Fortnite's island, fans knew a skin of the beast would be coming to the game soon. We finally have proof of the creature's inclusion to the game, as hacker and data miner HYPEX has discovered his entire cosmetic pack.

The pack sees the 'Hunter's Trophy' back bling and the 'Yautja Wristblades' harvesting tool all adorned by the new Predator skin.

He is wearing his iconic helmet when we first see him, but there is also a helmetless version. Paired with this is the new "bio-helmet online" emote, which allows the player to switch between the regular and helmeted skins in-game. A first for Fortnite skins, but a welcome one at that.

The Predator Cloak Device

Not only does the 15.21 Fortnite update bring The Predator to the game in skin form, but it also brings him in as an NPC. And you're going to want to kill him as soon as you can to get your hands on his new device.

Hacker HYPEX is once again to thank for the reveal of this item, showing off how it works in a video on Twitter.

The Predator's cloak device is a new tool that will allow you to become completely invisible for up to 30 seconds, which will easily give you the upper hand in any firefight. It has a cooldown of the same time though, so be sure to use it wisely.

All you need to do to get your hands on this new item is kill the Predator NPC in-game. Find his location on the map and try to take down this difficult adversary, and the power of invisibility is in your hands.

Players have been able to turn invisible in-game before with shadow stones, but these items ended up being rather glitchy. Here's hoping the Predator's newest item doesn't suffer the same fate.

Fortnite's New Soccer Skins

Fortnite's new soccer event, the Pelé Cup, kicks off today with these new skins to boot. These were once mere rumors, but they are now confirmed.

The new Kickoff set comes with 10 variants of male and female outfits, that can be swapped around with the kits of many football clubs around the world.

The set also comes with Pelé's air punch emote, the in-game replica of the footballer's trademark goal celebration. Earn enough points in the soccer event, and it's all yours.

Even More Fortnite Cosmetics

As if this wasn't enough, there are some extra cosmetics coming to the game to commemorate the new Fortnite update too.

Leaks by hacker Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter show off some new sprays, weapon wraps, and more to come to the game.

The leak shows off some Predator related items, like the 'hunter's arsenal' weapon wrap and a new themed loading screen too.

There are also some sprays to go with the new FNCS season and a couple of new mysterious ones. They both have the name "Trinity" in common- a new event coming soon, maybe?

That's everything we know about the upcoming update so far, but with a new Predator NPC to kill and new soccer skins to bag, it should no doubt keep you busy.

Plus, it looks like there could be much more to come. Leaks have suggested that we could see new Fortnite Kevin the Cube cosmetics come to the game very soon. Plus, a new leak has shown that the game will receive weapon mods, and some fan-favorite vehicles will finally return.

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