Epic Games’ recent removal of the Trios squad size in Fortnite has sparked frustration among numerous three-person squads.

This decision has left players in a difficult position. The omission of Trios forces them to choose between parting ways with a friend or seeking a fourth member.

Without the Trios option, these three-person teams may have to face the task of competing against Quads, a significantly more challenging and less enjoyable experience.

UPDATE (May 31, 2023): Fortnite Trios is now back in non-ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build modes!


Players Unhappy With No Trios Mode in Fortnite

With Trios being vaulted, several members of the Fortnite community have let their dissatisfaction be known.

This user has stated why this will become an issue for them and their friends.


Meanwhile, this decision by Epic Games has also left negative consequences for a family who play the game together.

On the other hand, most players kept their discontent simple and straight to the point.

The reaction from the community clearly shows that Trios was a beloved mode. However, the love for this mode doesn’t seem to hold any weight regarding a potential return.

Despite the unpopularity among the community, it appears that trios will not be returning anytime soon, delivering bad news to those eagerly anticipating its comeback.

Why Did Fortnite Remove Trios?

Currently, Epic Games has provided no reason for removing Trios. However, some people in the community have theorized it was to even out the player pool and increase the number of actual players.

Before this squad size was taken out of the game, it had the highest player count of all the squad formats. Although, this number could have included a ton of bots.

With Fortnite Ranked now released, the developers may have wanted the gamers who mainly went into Trios to disperse across the other modes.

This would lead to lobbies with a higher percentage of real players, increasing the competitiveness of matches.

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