Here’s how to get to the new Witcher-themed maps in Fortnite and earn some free rewards in Ciri’s Escape & Yennefer’s Battleground!

If you’re a fan of The Witcher games, books, or even the show, now is a good time to drop into Fortnite. Today marks the arrival of the Battle Royale title’s second Witcher crossover, coming with both a new Ciri and Yennefer skin available in the Item Shop!

But alongside these two fan-favorites, we’ve got new quests available that let players earn free rewards in-game.

Yennefer's Battleground Island Code Fortnite

Here’s where to find them and everything you need to know:

Fortnite Ciri & Yennefer The Witcher Island Codes

Here are the two new island map codes required to complete Fortnite’s new The Witcher quests:

  • Ciri’s Escape – 2776-4034-8400
  • Yennefer’s Battleground – 2862-9616-5689

The Witcher Quests and their free rewards will be available until July 5, 2023, giving players more than enough time to earn the new goodies.

To play the Witcher-themed Fortnite Creative maps, simply follow these instructions:

  • From the Fortnite lobby, change your game mode by selecting the mode above the Play button.
How to Find The Witcher Maps in Fortnite
  • This will take you to the game mode selection screen.
  • Tab across to the Island Code tab using R1/RB or by clicking with a mouse.
How to Use a Fortnite Island Code
  • Enter one of the codes above.
  • Hit Play and enter the island!

How to Get All Free Witcher Rewards in Fortnite

There are three rewards that players can earn for free in Fortnite by completing The Witcher quests. These are:

  • Annoyed Yennefer Emoticon – Reach the Elimination Goal (15) in Yennefer’s Battleground
  • Confident Ciri Emoticon – Complete the Parkour Course in Ciri’s Escape
  • Ciri Banner Icon – Complete Ciri and Yennefer’s Islands
The Witcher Free Rewards in Fortnite

Unfortunately, all the best Witcher cosmetics will be arriving in the Item Shop rather than being earnable for free.

But Witcher fans won’t want to miss out on getting their hands on everything the new collab has to offer.

Ciri’s Escape Map Island Code

The new Ciri’s Escape map can be accessed with the following Fortnite Island Code – 2776-4034-8400.

In this map, players must get to the end of a parkour course and escape the Wild Hunt. Don’t forget your trusty sword available in a chest near the start of the map, as charge attacks will help you leap into the air!

Ciri's Escape Fortnite Map

Once completed, the map will reward players with the Confident Ciri Emoticon and they’ll be halfway to earning their Banner Icon.

Yennefer’s Battleground Map Island Code

The Yennefer’s Battleground Fortnite map is available by using the following Island Code – 2862-9616-5689.

In this map, players split into two teams and use swords and crossbows to duke it out in melee combat. Each eliminated player drops Gold, which you can use back at your base to purchase new weapons and supplies.

Yennefer's Battleground Map in Fortnite

Get 15 eliminations and you’ll unlock the Annoyed Yennefer Emoticon and gain half the progression needed for the Ciri Banner Icon.

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