A beautiful new Fortnite animation features The Seven making their triumphant return in an Avengers: Endgame-inspired scene.

The Seven act as the main protagonist faction of Fortnite Battle Royale, but they’ve been missing in action for some time.

Despite kickstarting the Fortnite storyline all the way back in the original Season 3, The Seven haven’t been seen since the events of the Fracture event that ended Chapter 3 Season 4.

Fortnite The Seven
Credit: /u/jayL21

Now, one incredible fan animation pictures The Seven’s long-awaited return, in a scene that reflects the most memorable Avengers scene of all time.

Fortnite x Endgame Animation Brings Back The Seven

If you’ve seen the new Fortnite x Endgame animation that finally brings back The Seven, the bad news is that it’s not made by Epic Games.

In fact, this work of art was put together by none other than FeraalsVFX, a talented animator whose work has bamboozled fans for some time now.

The high-quality animation shows Jonesy on a battlefield akin to that of Endgame’s final showdown, with Captain America standing alone vs Thanos’ army.

However, the iconic Fortnite character is soon joined by The Foundation, and portals open to reveal all the other members of The Seven, an army of Peelys, the Battle Bus, Mecha Team Leader, and many more allies joining the fight.

Are The Seven Coming Back in Fortnite?

While it is likely that The Seven will return in Fortnite one day, the organization hasn’t currently made an appearance since the end of Chapter 3.

One thing that’s worth noting is that FeraalsVFX’s predictions have a way of coming true. The animator was successfully able to predict Attack on Titan coming to Fortnite, and more recently showed Optimus Prime prior to his reveal.

That said, we’re still waiting on his Pokemon x Fortnite animation to become a reality.

We’ve seen leaks indicating that The Seven could return later in Chapter 4, but as of yet, we have no confirmation one way or the other.

However, fans have noticed a severe lack of story in recent Battle Royale seasons. Either Epic is choosing to neglect the storyline entirely, or the developer is cooking up something big to get us back on track.

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