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15 minutes
Music Tracks & Sprays
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The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams custom island is here in Fortnite, and with it comes many challenges for players to complete to earn some rewards.

Experience the Australian’s music journey by playing through this creative map while also hearing new songs by the singer!

Fortnite The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams Code

To access The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams, players can find the map using the following code: 2601-0606-9081.

For players who do not already know, here is how to enter the code:

  • To switch the game mode, press Square/X from the Fortnite lobby.
    • Use the mouse on PC to change the game mode.
  • Use R1/RB to get to the tab for Island Code.
  • Type in 2601-0606-9081.
  • Press Enter on PC / RT on Xbox / R2 on PlayStation.
  • Start the game by pressing play, and you will head to the custom map.

This map is available to play as a solo in a private match, with friends, or by joining a public lobby with 11 random players.

How to All Complete The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams Quests

To complete the challenges and earn the rewards, you must play through the creative map. You will be tasked with the following quests while playing:

After completing these challenges, you can earn even more rewards in another Fortnite creative map! The Coachella 2023 quests offer a bunch of items based on the festival.

Smash Furniture

  • After opening the supply drops in the initial stage, you will be transported to a mansion.
  • Enter the building where you will receive a hammer.
  • Smash the furniture in the room with the hammer.
  • You only need to destroy two pieces.
Fortnite Wild Dreams smash furniture

Escape the Beast

  • After playing through the map a bit further, you will be teleported into a city.
  • Here a large beast will spawn, and you will need to run away from it.
  • Follow the music notes on the ground until you get to the end to successfully escape.
Run from the beast

Defeat the Beast

  • After escaping and being teleported from the control room, you must defeat the beast.
  • The game will give you a gauntlet that shoots beams at the creature.
  • Keep shooting at the beast while dodging his attacks.
  • After enough damage has been dealt, he will be defeated.
Fight the beast

Collect Music Notes At the Afterparty

  • After being teleported from the concert, follow the ramp and the arrowed signs to make your way to the main room.
  • On the immediate left, you will see a parkour course with a bunch of music notes throughout the course.
  • Collect five of them to complete the challenge.
After party wild dreams Fortnite parkour

Dance At the Afterparty

To dance at the Afterparty, you will need to press the following buttons and select an emote to perform it:

  • PlayStation: Down on D-Pad
  • Xbox: Down on D-Pad
  • PC: B

Once you have performed the emote, you will have complete this quest.

Dance wheel

All The Kid LAROI Wild Dreams Quest Rewards

For completing all of these challenges, you will earn three items in-game:

  • LAROI’s Tag – Spray
  • Love Me Again – Music Track
  • Thousand Miles – Music Track
Wild dreams rewards

Players can earn even more rewards by participating in the Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge! One reward includes a pretty cool pickaxe!

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