We are finally getting another Fortnite Live Event, as The Big Bang has been confirmed as the conclusion to Fortnite Chapter 4.

Live Events in Fortnite are some of the biggest spectacles in gaming, and if you are like us, you probably can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Of course, you must know when it will occur so you don’t miss out. So, let’s dive into when The Big Bang will happen in Fortnite!

Date & Start Time

Fortnite’s The Big Bang Live Event will begin on Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM GMT. This was confirmed by the game’s official X account.

This event will begin in

This is the first in-game event held by Fortnite for close to a year! Chapter 3 Season 3’s “Fracture” was the last event in the game and took place on December 3, 2022.

Everything We Know & What to Expect

Here is everything we know about this upcoming live event, including confirmed and leaked details!

Lego x Fortnite

The highly anticipated Lego x Fortnite collab will feature during The Big Bang Live Event. This was seemingly confirmed by the official Lego X account, which tweeted out a Lego version of the Loot Llama.

This same Llama can be seen floating in space in the background of the promotional image put out by Fortnite. It can also be seen in the latest lobby background for the game!

If this isn’t confirmation, we don’t know what is! Furthermore, leaker Hypex has stated Lego will feature during the event!

Fortnite The Big Bang Live Event Lego Collab

Eminem Loading Screen

Fortnite leaker FN Assist has shared an Eminem Loading Screen. It appears that the rapper will play some part during the event.

We don’t know the exact role he will play, but the promotional image does showcase a microphone, so perhaps a concert will take place during The Big Bang.

Fortnite The Big Bang Live Event Eminem

However, this is simply speculation from us and not confirmed or leaked information.

Despite concerns that this event might be limited to a concert, ShiinaBR, a trusted Fortnite leaker, has disclosed that The Big Bang event will have more than just a musical performance.

Additionally, those who attend The Big Bang will receive the “Marshall Magma” edit style for the Eminem skin in Fortnite.

Full Fortnite Reset?

There are a lot of rumors that The Big Bang will be a full Fortnite reset, completely getting rid of the previous storyline and starting anew.

With the official promotional line from Fortnite being “A new beginning for Fortnite”, it would certainly make sense for this to be the case.

In real life, the Big Bang refers to the creation of the universe, so perhaps this event will showcase the start of a brand new Fortnite world and story!

However, we will have to wait and see what this event brings as this isn’t confirmed and is simply rumors throughout the community.

Rocket League Racing Mode in Fortnite?

A Racing Mode is coming during the event, according to Fortnite insider HYPEX. The leaker revealed this on their X account.

With Epic Games owning both Fortnite and Rocket League, it would make sense for them to host a crossover between the two.

It wouldn’t be the first time these two games have crossed paths with Rocket League’s High Octane vehicle previously being available in the game from November 15, 2022, until December 3, 2022.

If more details start to emerge, we will be sure to update this article with more information on what you can expect!

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