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Fortnite Trailer Reveals The Terminator and Sarah Connor

After a series of leaks excited fans, Fortnite have finally unveiled its Terminator skins in a new trailer.

Fortnite's hype for '80s Sci-Fi action movies has been undeniable as of late.

A whole whirlwind of leaks suggested the arrival of The Predator, the extra-terrestrial hunter from the 1987 film of the same name.

Once these leaks began to arrive, new Fortnite challenges appeared that saw the player find The Predator's crashed ship and came with some themed cosmetics. From this point, we knew that the beast would join the game.

Fortnite Predator Skins
Fortnite's Predator Skins

More leaks came, as the skin and more cosmetics were unveiled until the character trailer officially welcomed it to the game for the exciting Fortnite v15.21 update.

The Predator may now have joined the game, both as a skin and a deadly boss NPC, but some new licensed skins are coming. And if you liked The Predator's reveal, you're definitely going to like these new characters.

Sarah Connor and The Terminator Fortnite Skins

You heard us right- the time-travelling hero and the furious machine will be dropping out of the battle bus very soon.

We've seen this through a series of leaks, as is often the case for new Fortnite skins.

The first leak was of a video; the camera moves slowly towards a metal doorway, in a fortified room while inconic clanging music plays.

The room that this video takes place in was determined to be the lab from Terminator 2: Judgement Day, securing the knowledge that some Terminator skins would soon be arrving in Fortnite.

Then, Fortnite themselves suggested the appearance of these characters.

A video appeared on the official Fortnite Twitter page, featuring audio as read by the series' lead character, Jonesy.

He mentions he's met someone on his travels through dimensions that he can relate to, as they've had experiences with paradoxes, time travel, and impending global doom. This cemented suspicions that Sarah Connor would be arriving in the game soon.

But, it was wondered if any of the Terminators themselves would also appear in-game. Well, now, we have proof they will be.

Fortnite's Official Terminator Trailer

Fortnite have now officially unveiled the new Sarah Connor and T-800 skins coming to the game in a new trailer.

The trailer sees The Terminator's hand slowly sinking into the vat of molten steel, as seen in Terminator 2. As its hand forms the iconic thumbs up and just before he disappears, someone grabs it.

It turns out to be Jonesy, and he uses his dimensional transport device to yank the pair back to a different universe. The trailer then reveals our first look at the skins, with Sarah Connor taking centre stage.

Not only have these skins been revealed in a suprise, they've also been made immediately avaliable. You can grab them in-game right now.

This is a much quicker and simpler reveal than that for The Predator, who is an exclusive skin to the game's battle pass. Still, it's incredibly exciting nonetheless.

Fortnite Terminator Skins
Fortnite's T-800 and Sarah Connor skins

Here's hoping that The Terminator's launch is less rocky than The Predator's. His deadly NPC boss drops an OP new weapon that players are already exploiting. Here's how you can defeat him to get it.

Fortnite has been bustling with cosmetics news recently. New soccer skins dropped with the new update, and a new leak has shown a Kevin the Cube skin.

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