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Fortnite Stormbreaker Worthy Requirement Removed in Update v21.30

Stormbreaker can now be wielded by anyone after the latest Fortnite update removed the worthy requirement!

Marvel and Fortnite have collab many times in the past. Generally, their collaborations end up being quite hyped and well received.

But, that does not mean that there is no controversy sometimes. The latest Fortnite x Thor: Love and Thunder collaboration resulted in some backlash from fans.

Notably, some cosmetics included in this collaboration were locked for specific skins in the bundle, and a few others from previous collaborations, enraging fans in the process.

After all the complaints, Epic Games has corrected this concern, or at least partially.

Fortnite Thor Love and Thunder Stormbreaker
Epic Games

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Stormbreaker No Longer Locked to Fortnite Thor and Captain America Skins

The Stormbreaker pickaxe and Flight Glider no longer have a worthy requirement and can now be used with any other skin after Fortnite update v21.30.

However, the Mjolnir pickaxe and Flight Glider still require any Thor or Captain America skin to be equipped. Even though the restriction is still present, many fans are happy with this decision.

One of the main complaints from gamers is that, in the Marvel universe, Stormbreaker does not have a worthy requirement to be wielded. This restriction is only bounded to Mjolnir.

So now, fans can say that the Stormbreaker and Mjolnir Fortnite worthy requirement matches the Marvel Universe’s vision on the matter.

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Despite everything matching the lore in Marvel, some gamers are still unhappy about the Mjolnir restriction.

The main critique about this is that lore accurate or not, the Mjolnir is still a pretty expensive cosmetic to be locked behind this requirement.

Ultimately, this change received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Fortnite community. Most gamers felt like Epic Games listened to the feedback and made a positive change.

It seems like it is a great time to be a Fortnite fan! Aside from this good news, there are more details about the Fortnite No Sweat summer event!

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