Fortnite Chapter 5 made some major changes to the game’s weapon balance, and snipers seem far too powerful right now.

When the new Chapter went live in early December, Fortnite fans were quick to notice just how oppressive sniper rifles had become.

Now, countless games of the Battle Royale are ending with players being one-shot from both close and long ranges. And Fortnite fans aren’t all too happy about it.

Snipers Need a Nerf in Chapter 5

Fortnite snipers might need a nerf in Chapter 5, after a buff to the weapon type turned the Reaper Sniper Rifle into a must-carry.

Here are the reasons why snipers are currently dominating Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1:

One Shot Kill Potential

In the past, only Heavy Snipers were able to one-shot a player who was at full health. And as a trade-off, those weapons were very slow and had to be reloaded after a single shot.

Now, snipers have three shots in their magazine, each capable of one-shotting an enemy player. Many games simply end with a player dying instantly from a sniper headshot, and there’s nothing more frustrating than being eliminated by an enemy you didn’t see.

This issue is especially prevalent in Zero Build, where users are unable to protect themselves from incoming fire by building cover.

Even with the additional 50 overshield health, an Uncommon or higher rarity sniper will still one-shot you.

No Glint Options

What’s more, Chapter 5’s ability to modify weapons mid-game means that many players actually choose to remove the sniper scope and replace it with a Red Eye Sight.

Fortnite Sniper Mod Bench

Optics with lower zoom levels don’t provide sniper glint, making it impossible for enemies to spot you before it’s too late.

You can even remove the scope altogether, creating a close-mid-range marksman rifle that easily takes down enemies.

No Cooldown After Switching

Some players are even opting to carry multiple sniper rifles, allowing them to swap to the next one if they miss their first shot.

Just look at how fast the user in the following clip is able to eliminate two players by switching weapons instead of rechambering a single gun.

This allows them to fire again much faster, as the snipers don’t have a cooldown period when switching to another of the same weapon type.

This isn’t possible with shotguns, which saw a delay added after the double pump meta. Now, it’s clear that snipers need a similar treatment.

As fun as sniping is this season, it’s certainly very unbalanced. And being on the receiving end of a sniper shot is tremendously frustrating.

Hopefully when Epic Games is back from its winter break, we’ll see some much-needed nerfs to Fortnite’s most frustrating guns.

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