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Fortnite: Set Up Recon Cameras – IO Doomsday Device Challenge Locations Guide

Fortnite’s latest challenge sees you locating Recon Cameras to learn more information on the IO Doomsday Device. Here’s how to set up the Recon Cameras as well as their locations.

Fortnite’s seasons each expand and continue the lore of the island. Currently, the story is set around The Seven going against IO.

And with each week, new challenges come up to earn some sweet Battle Pass XP as well as continue the story of Fortnite.

This week sees players setting up Recon Cameras to spy on, and learn more information about the IO Doomsday Device. Here’s a handy guide on where the Recon Cameras need to be set up, as well as a handy map for all of the locations!

Fortnite – How to Set Up Recon Cameras Challenge – Locations + Map

There are six Recon Camera spots in Fortnite that you can use for this challenge, but only three are required to complete it.

The Recon Cameras are all located near what used to be called Loot Lake. If you’re unaware, this is the large mass of water in the middle of the map.

When you land and find a Recon Camera, before interacting with them, they will look semi-transparent.

Fortnite Recon Cameras Location Challenge

Once interacted with, similarly to how you’d pick up any item in Fortnite, they’ll become physical objects. And with each one, you’re closer to completing the Recon Cameras challenge.

Fortnite Recon Camera

Of course, you’ll need to keep an eye out for any enemy players who may defeat you before you can complete the challenge.

However, your progress carries over from match to match, meaning if you die before placing all three, don’t worry!

Here’s a map of where you can find the Recon Cameras for the challenge in Fortnite below:

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Map Recon Cameras

Many of the Recon Cameras are easy to spot, and the in-game map also helps guide you toward the Recon Camera locations!

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If you need an extra hand in the Recon Cameras challenge, check out this handy video guide from InTheLittleWood below:

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