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Fortnite Server Outage Times for v21.40 – Dragon Ball Super Collaboration

Here is when the Fortnite servers will come back online after downtime and introduce the new Dragon Ball Collaboration.

Fortnite is about to have one of its biggest collaborations ever with Dragon Ball. The collab promises to have new content and skins that players will be able to obtain.

As always, before the players themselves can experience the update, the servers will be down for scheduled maintenance. Here’s when the Fortnite servers will come back online for the Dragon Ball collaboration.

Fortnite Shenron

What Time Do Fortnite Servers Go Down for v21.40?

Downtime for Fortnite will begin at:

  • 1 AM PST (Los Angeles)
  • 4 AM EDT (New York)
  • 9 AM BST (London)

This will last for approximately one to two hours.

Check out the official Dragon Ball x Fortnite trailer here!

What Time Does Fortnite Come Back Online After v21.40?

Players can expect Fortnite to be back online at:

  • 4-5 AM PST (Los Angeles)
  • 7-8 AM (New York)
  • 12-1 PM (London)

The downtime is for the big v21.40 patch update.

UPDATE: The Fortnite servers are now back up!

Find out exactly what time new Dragon Ball characters are coming to Fortnite here.

So if you try and connect to Fortnite during the downtime, you will probably be greeted by an error or in-game message. This is a scheduled downtime and is totally normal.

Fortnite usually has these downtimes right before a big update where there will be balance changes, new items, and new collaborations.

If you’re still having issues connecting after these times, then the best thing to dis to check Downdector to see if any other issues are plaguing Fortnite.

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The contents of the pack have yet to be announced. Several leaks have hinted at the characters that players might be able to purchase.

Recent leaker ShiinaBR showcased a few possible POIs that could be included in the collaboration, which are:

  • Capsule Corp
  • World Tournament Arena

And it’s rumored that players will be able to unlock the Nimbus Cloud as a glider and the Fusion Dance as an emote.

Dragon Ball Fortnite

This isn’t the only collaboration that has the Fortnite community excited. Recently, players have found clues hinting at a possible collaboration with one of the biggest musical artists in the world.

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