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Fortnite Secret Cave DaDoor at Reality Falls Is Finally Open

The rock pile is broken and the Reality Falls secret cave is now accessible in Fortnite. But what lies behind DaDoor?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has made big changes to the island. Not only is the Reality Tree in full bloom, but its roots are spreading around the map.

Players can even plant their own seeds to grow mini Reality Trees, something that we highly recommend trying out for yourself.

After all, you can use this Reality Seed trick to get easy mythic weapons in Fortnite Season 3! Why not get a leg up on your competition each game?

Vibin Fortnite
Epic Games

But it’s not all good news for fans of Epic Games’ Battle Royal. Lately, Fortnite players have been feeling pushed to buy Battle Pass tiers, after some major XP changes.

Fortnite 5 Trillion HP Rock Pile Has Been Broken – DaDoor

According to the game files, the big rock pile outside the Reality Falls cave (AKA DaDoor) had a staggering 5 trillion health points. But after almost 2 weeks of Season 3 being live, players have managed to remove the obstruction for good.

The rock pile is situated here, behind the waterfall in Reality Falls. Or at least, it was.

Fortnite Rock Pile DaDoor Location
Epic Games

DaDoor, as it appeared in the files, had a shared health pool across all servers. And after only a few days, players have managed to break it down.

Here’s what’s behind DaDoor in Fortnite and how you could have broken it early!

Now the NPCs that have been stuck behind the rubble are free to explore the island. But for now, they certainly seem to be staying put!

Don’t miss the new Fortnite x Naruto collaboration which now has a release date confirmed! The new anime collab is bringing 4 new Naruto characters to the island, including a few fan favorites!

Fortnite Secret Cave
iFireMonkey / Epic Games

And if you haven’t done so already, grab yourself a new Grapple Glove in Fortnite from one of these locations.

Players are already drawing comparisons to web-swinging, and Spider-Man himself is back in Fortnite today!

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