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Fortnite Scout Regiment Footlocker – Where & What They Are

Grab yourself some ODM Gear with the new Scout Regiment Footlocker!

The latest Fortnite update collided with the world of Attack on Titan and brought Eren Jaeger, ODM Gear, Thunder Spears, and Scout Regiment Footlockers to the battle royale.

But to get Eren Jaeger to join your cause, you’ll need to complete a set of Battle Pass Bonus Quests. One of these quests involves the Scout Regiment Footlocker.

The Scout Regiment Footlocker is an Attack on Titan-themed chest players can find in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 with rare loot drops.

The chest is a large wooden container with the Scout Regiment symbol on top. They have a high chance of dropping:

Scout Regiment Footlocker

These items are all crucial if you’re looking to unlock Eren Jaeger during the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass.

Search Scout Regiment Footlocker Eren Jaeger Quest

The fastest way to search 3 Scout Regiment Footlocker in Fortnite is to drop in Anvil Square or The Citadel, where players can find all three footlockers near each other.

The Citadel has two footlockers directly in the POI and one slightly north of it. The Anvil Square POI has all three Scout Regiment Footlockers in the POI.

But the Anvil Square is also a popular landing spot due to the Jaeger Family Basement Quest.

All Scout Regiment Footlocker Locations

The map above from Fortnite.GG on Twitter shows just how widely spread the new Scout Regiment Footlocker locations are on the map.

If you’re looking to complete quests to unlock Eren Jaeger, it’s better to drop on the western side of the map with more brownish-yellow landscapes.

This section of the island holds plenty of Scout Regiment Footlockers for ODM Gear, and it’s where the Titan Targets reside for the Hit the Nape Quest.

These special chests will consistently drop ODM Gear, but the Thunder Spears do not drop as often.

Possible Scout Regiment Footlocker Drops

The Scout Regiment Footlockers are guaranteed to drop one set of ODM Gear and multiple rare items. These can range from healing items to weapons and possibly even Thunder Spears.

Despite this chest being an Attack on Titan addition, it does not guarantee to drop Thunder Spears. Due to this item’s power, it is a lot more difficult to come by.

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