If you are wanting to heist the Sanguine Suites vault in Fortnite, you must first know how to get your hands on the vault keycard!

Chapter 4 Season 4 is here, and players are able to complete a ton of heists across the map. Completing these gives you access to exclusive Mythic items from previous seasons.

Getting your hands on these items is certainly worth your while and could be crucial in securing a Victory Royale.

If you are wondering how to bypass those pesky security systems and enter the Sanguine Suites vault, look no further as we dive into how to complete this heist!

Where to Find the Suites Vault Keycard in Fortnite

Fortnite players can locate the Suites Vault Keycard by eliminating the guard patrolling outside the vault room.

Sanguine Suites Fortnite guard

This AI will be an extremely tough opponent as it wields powerful weaponry and has tons of HP and Shield points.

Once eliminated, they will drop the Suites Vault Keycard as a Mythic Diamiond Thermal DMR.

Additionally, this mini-boss can always be found wandering the same area of the Sanguine Suites point of interest. You will need to make sure you have space on your hot bar to carry the keycard.

Sanguine suites keycard in hotbar

Where to Use the Suites Vault Keycard in Fortnite

The Suites Vault Keycard is used to open the vault in the basement of the Sanguine Suites POI. When holding the keycard, a blue pathway will direct you to the location where you need to use it.

This will be a terminal next to the vault door, and when you interact with it while the keycard is in hand, the vault will open.

Suites key card terminal

Once the door opens, inside the vault, you will find two display cases with Mythic items. These items can be any two of the following:

  • Midas’ Drum Gun
  • TNTina’s Ka-Boom Bow
  • Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug
  • Kit’s Shockwave Launcher
  • Kit’s Charge Shotgun
  • Zyg and Choppy’s Ray Gun
  • The Foundation’s MK-Seven Assault Rifle
  • Gunnar’s Stinger SMG

Caution is essential for players, as they are limited to selecting just a single Mythic item from the two available. Upon choosing an item from the display case, the remaining one vanishes, triggering a building lockdown.

Mythic items in vault

Fortnite Sanguine Suites Vault Location & Heist Guide

  • In order to locate the vault of the Sanguine Suites, you need to make your way to the designated point of interest (POI) and then enter the building.
Sanguine Suites location Fortnite
  • Enter the building and loot around for a weapon. Then, head to the central area of the building.
  • Go down the stairs to the basement.
Location for Vault in building
  • Break the turret at the bottom and head into the next room to face off against the guard.
  • Eliminate the guard to get the keycard.
Guard in Vault
  • Head down the set of stairs in the room where you will see three sets of lasers.
  • You must wait until there is an opening to walk through.
    • This will take about 5 seconds per laser.
Lasers in Sanguine Suites Fortnite vault
  • Make your way to the terminal and use the keycard to open the vault.
    • This will take a couple of seconds to open.
  • Loot the complete vault prior to selecting one of the two Mythic items.
  • Once you’ve thoroughly looted the entire vault, proceed to the showcase of your desired item and press X/Square/Y/E to acquire it.
    • Acquiring this item will trigger a building lockdown, prompting the activation of alarms.
Mythic weapon in vault
  • Once you have your item, it is time to escape!

Ensure a quick exit, as not only AI enemies but also rival players will home in on your position once the vault is stripped.

Certain individuals might allow fellow looters to clear the vault before resorting to sly tactics, eliminating you to take your hard earned weapons.

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