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Fortnite Reveals Supply Llama Challenge – How to Participate & Rewards

Fortnite has revealed a new challenger for players called the Supply Llama Challenge. Here’s how to enter the Supply Llama Challenge as well as the rewards available.

Fortnite recently saw a new content update with plenty of changes, and it seems Epic Games aren’t done with new content yet.

They recently introduced a new community contest for a Fortnite skin called Zuri. And now, there’s another challenge for the community.

Here is what the Supply Llama Challenge in Fortnite is, what rewards you can earn, and how to enter the challenge!

How to Enter Supply Llama Challenge and Rewards in Fortnite

The Supply Llama Challenge is a PlayStation and Fortnite community challenge full of awesome rewards.

The Supply Llama Challenge begins on May 18 at 4 AM ET and runs until May 22, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET.

Epic Games

Players with a PlayStation account linked to their Epic Games account simply need to play Fortnite and survive Storm Circles to enter the challenge.

You can survive Storm Circles in either Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build modes. The squad size doesn’t matter for this challenge.

Since this is a Community challenge, the only way to win rewards is by the whole community helping to reach milestones. But upon doing so, there are some incredible rewards for those who participate.

Here is the full list of rewards for the Supply Llama Challenge in Fortnite, as well as how many Storm Circles need to be survived.

  • Stage 1: A Llotta Llamas Loading Screen for Fortnite and a PS4 Supply Llama Dynamic Theme
    • This requires a total of 15 million Storm Circles
  • Stage 2: Fresh Iridescence Wrap for Fortnite and PSN Character Avatar Set 1
    • This stage requires a further 15 million Storm Circles, making the total 30 million
  • Stage 3: Mecha Team Glider for Fortnite and PSN Supply Llama Avatar Set 2
    • This set of rewards requires a total of 42 million Storm Circles to be survived by players
Fortnite Supply Llama Challenge Rewards
Epic Games

With each stage that the community completes, players who have survived at least one Storm Circle during each stage will receive the rewards. Fortnite in-game rewards may take up to seven days to be received after completing each stage.

You can see the community’s progress here. And now, all you need to do is survive the storm!

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Friday 27th of May 2022

Fortnite and epic games need to start giving chances for rewards and challenges ect. For Xbox players as well and not just PlayStation players