Fortnite is set to return to Chapter 1 in the next major update, but will mantling and tactical sprinting make the jump back in time with us?

Kado Thorne’s time machine is popping up across the island, leaving classic Chapter 1 props in its wake. And it’s now confirmed that we’ll officially return to the original Fortnite map next season.

But rumor has it that some of the game’s newer mechanics won’t be making the leap into the past.

Fortnite: Are Mantling & Sprinting Being Removed?

No, Fortnite will not be removing mantling or sprinting in for the Chapter 1 map’s return.

Initially, leaks suggested that this would be the case, but the official Fortnite X account has now revealed that both mechanics will remain in the game for the new season.

For those unaware, here’s what each feature does:

  • Sprinting: Provides a boost of speed when running, putting away your character’s gun and draining stamina.
sprinting through Frenzy Fields in Fortnite
  • Mantling: Allows players to pull themselves up to higher surfaces, or prevent fall damage by catching a ledge before hitting the ground.
Mantling in Fortnite

Although we’re returning to the original Chapter 1 map, it appears that players will have a rather different experience this time around.

Here’s the initial leak, which stated that Fortnite’s modern movement would be disabled in the upcoming season.

Leaks also imply that Grind Rails may be added throughout the older map, to make getting around even easier.

Even though the game files suggested that sprinting and mantling were set to be disabled, it appears that Epic Games has either changed its mind or the files were simply misleading.

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