Fortnite just gave out a free Redmask Ranker Back Bling to all players, but why did we just get the Ranked mode reward?

Lately, Fortnite has been offering rewards to those who grind the Ranked modes of the game. These goodies allow users to show off their progress, with exclusive content that can’t be obtained any other way.

At least, that’s usually the case…

Fortnite: Why Did I Get a Free Redmask Ranker Back Bling?

All Fortnite players who logged in during Chapter 4 Season 4 have been granted the Redmask Ranker Back Bling for free, as Epic Games is aiming to make Ranked quests less of a grind for users.

To alleviate the frustration for those who don’t have time to grind, it appears that this season’s Ranked reward is being given out for free to all users – with changes coming to the feature in the next major update.

Only players who actually played Fortnite Ranked will see the benefit of the new item though, which will display their highest Season 4 rank.

However, all users can now equip the base-level Redmask Ranker, regardless of whether or not they finished the necessary Ranked quests.

In the future, it appears that Epic Games aims to make Ranked missions less of a grind. A post from the Fortnite Status Twitter (now X) account states that future seasons will release their Ranked rewards earlier, allowing users to show off their progression without delay.

This free gift appears to be causing some tension in the game’s community already, particularly among players who spent time grinding for the reward, prior to it becoming free.

“You mean to tell me I slogged through the quests for the backbling at the start of the season (when Ranked ZB Solo was available for a limited time), just to then see it be given out to everyone later in the season?” Fortnite subreddit mod Alphasilverhawk writes.

Other members of the Fortnite community echo the user’s disappointment with their efforts being for nothing.

However, it’s worth noting that only Ranked players will have the upgraded versions of the Back Bling, and users who only play Unranked modes will only have the bronze variant.

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