The Combat Cache in Fortnite is a great way to get your hands on the best weapons in the game as well as those rare Slurp Juices, making those Victory Royales much easier to achieve.

But now, a new challenge is here for players: the quest to recover not just one, but three of these caches. The reward? 40,000 XP which is sure to catapult your Fortnite level.

While this task may sound challenging, it is a simple quest to complete. Join us as we dive into how to recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite, so you can earn a ton of experience.

How to Recover Combat Cache in Fortnite

To recover a Combat Cache in Fortnite, you need to make your way to the Combat Caches location as it lands on the map, depicted by the icon on the image below or the shining light in the sky, reflecting the cache’s rarity.

Upon reaching the cache location, interact with it to initiate the recovery process. This is Square on PlayStation / X on Xbox / E on PC.

Fortnite Combat Cache icon

After activation, the recovery process takes approximately 50 seconds to complete. Once finished, a variety of loot will be released, matching the cache’s rarity at the time of activation.

The cache’s rarity level will be influenced by the time taken by an individual to initiate the recovery process. The sequence of rarity for the Combat Cache is as follows:

  1. Legendary
  2. Epic
  3. Rare

Once the Rare stage is reached, the rarity level will not decrease any further.

Fortnite Combat Cache loot

Fortnite Combat Cache Location

Combat Caches in Fortnite do not have a fixed spawn location; instead, they appear in various areas in each game.

For those seeking a Combat Cache, we recommend landing close to the map’s center. By doing so, you increase your chances of being able to travel in any direction to locate one when it arrives.

Combat Caches typically land about eight minutes into a Fortnite game, which is roughly halfway through the match.

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