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Fortnite Recording Icon Glitch Briefly Freaks Players Out

Fortnite players were worried they were being recorded after a recent glitch left a recording icon on their screen.

Fortnite players are no strangers to glitches. The popular battle royale is constantly receiving updates to change the island’s dynamic and improve the quality of life.

But sometimes, these changes don’t always go as planned. Recently, the Dragon Rune Lance harvesting tool had to be disabled due to an audio glitch.

Now, players experienced a new visual glitch that left them a little freaked out.

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Fortnite Rec Icon
Epic Games

Fortnite Hot Fix Leaves Blinking “Rec” Icon On-Screen for Players

A recent Fortnite Hit Fix to the way you could record their match left a “Rec” icon blinking on-screen which led players to believe they might be being recorded.

In this day and age, privacy is always a serious concern. So when players started seeing a “Rec” icon on their Fortnite screen, they weren’t too happy.

Thankfully, Epic Games quickly commented on the issue and reverted the hotfix that caused the glitch. So players should no longer see the recording icon on their screen unless they are recording.

The issue was due to a hotfix that Fortnite had implemented where they turned off the ability to Start and Stop recording mid-match manually.

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This isn’t the only glitch that has been bothering players this week. The Two-Shot Shotgun headshots weren’t tracking correctly. Leading players to not progress their weekly quests.

But thankfully, Fortnite players were quick to find a solution and continue their progress!

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has brought some incredible character skins to the battle bus. Just recently, Epic Games revealed that a new Naruto x Fortnite Collab would be making its way to the item store as early as next week!

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Sunday 19th of June 2022

What's equally annoying is seeing my entire "accepted friend" notification list pop up when I load in every time.