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All Reality Augments in Fortnite & What They Do

Fortnite Chapter 4 has added a brand new Reality Augments feature that will change the way you play forever!

The fourth chapter of Fortnite is finally here and there is a bunch of new and exciting content added to the Battle Royale game!

One of the new inclusions in Chapter 4 is the introduction of Reality Augments! Here is everything you need to know about this new feature!

What Are Reality Augments in Fortnite?

Reality Augments are perks that will give players special abilities within the game. There are a total of 22 different Reality Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4.

These Augments will make it much easier to get that Victory Royale by providing in-game boosts that you get to choose!

Each Augment will give players a special bonus that lasts for the remainder of the Fortnite match. However, all other players will also receive a random selection of Augments, so watch your back!

Brutal Bastion in Fortnite Chapter 4

How to Activate an Augment in Fortnite

At different intervals in your Fortnite match, you will have the option of selecting one perk from a randomized choice of two! The longer you live, the more perks you collect!

To activate Augments you will need to follow these steps:

  • Press the right arrow on the D-Pad to open up the Augment menu. On Keyboard and Mouse, you will need to press 7 to bring the menu up.
  • Use L2/LT to navigate between both Augment options. Use the Right Mouse click to navigate on K+M
  • Press R2/RT to activate the Augment you wish to select. Use the Left Mouse click to select on K+M

The Augment will be activated as soon as you select it!

Reality Augment Steps

If you don’t like the choice of perks you have been given, you can re-roll them at a chance of getting one you want to use!

Re-rolling the Augments for the first time in a game will be free but if you want to re-roll again, it will cost you 100 gold bars!

To re-roll, you need to hold □ on Playstation, X on XBOX and E on PC!

These Augments will not carry over from match to match! You will have to select new Reality Augments in each game you play.

Every Reality Augment in Fortnite Chapter 4

Here is every Day 1 Reality Augment in Fortnite Chapter 4:

Light Fingers

The Light Fingers Augment will make weapons that use Light Ammo reload faster!

Light Fingers Reality Augment

Mechanical Archer

Mechanical Archer will provide the player with a Mechanical Explosive Bow and a Mechanical Shockwave Bow!

Mechanical Archer Reality Augment


The Aerialist Augment will give you a glider re-deploy for the rest of the Fortnite match!

Aerialist Reality Augment


The Supercharged Augment will make it so your vehicles won’t need fuel and will have increased health!

Supercharged Reality Augment

Soaring Sprints

Soaring Sprints will allow the player to jump higher whilst sprinting. It will also make you jump with lower gravity.

Soaring Sprints Reality Augment

More Parkour

The More Parkour Augment will regenerate your energy shortly after mantling or hurdling, allowing you to continue sprinting.

More Parkour Reality Augment

First Assault

The First Assault Augment makes the first bullet in your weapon’s magazine do bonus damage, so long as it is an Assault Rifle.

First Assault Reality Augment

Rifle Recycle

Rifle Recycle will give weapons using medium ammo the chance to not consume bullets, giving you more ammunition to fire at enemies

Rifle Recycle Reality Augment


The Bloodhound Augment will mark enemies that you have hit with a Marksman Rifle or a Bow for a short duration.

Bloodhound Reality Augment

Jelly Angler

This Reality Augment will award you a special Fishing Rod that can fish anywhere. However, it will only give you jellyfish.

Jelly Angler Reality Augment

Bow Specialist

The Bow Specialist will make Bows reload and draw faster. It will also regenerate ammo over time.

Bow Specialist Reality Augment

Bush Warrior

The Bush Warrior Reality Augment will make it so you regenerate health and partial shields while inside large foliage.

Bush Warrior Reality Augment

Chug Gunner

This Augment will give the player a Chug Cannon. These special weapons will help you restore health and shields for your whole squad.

Chug Gunner

Splash Medic

The Splash Medic Augment gives you a chance at finding a Chug Splash in every container you open.

Splash Medic

Demolitions Munitions

This Augment makes it so every object you destroy has a chance at dropping an explosive item. This does not include player-built structures.

Demolitions Munitions

Rushing Reload

Rushing Reload will slowly reload your equipped Shotgun when sprinting.

Rushing Reload

Tactical Armory

Tactical Armory will give the player a Rare Tactical AR and a Combat Shotgun.

Tactical Armory

Party Time

With this Augment activated, you will gain balloons over time. Players can use them to float around the battlefield, and get the drop on enemies from above.

Party Time

Pistol Amp

Pistol Amp will greatly increase the magazine size of pistols.

Pistol Amp

Storm Mark

Storm Mark will ping the nearby area highlighting enemies around you whenever the storm changes. Choosing this Augment will effectively give you a UAV like in Call of Duty.

Storm Mark


This Augment allows you to always see the next storm circle so you can plan your movements early and always make it into the next zone.

Forecast Reality Augment

Tricked Out

The Tricked Out Augment will apply Chonkers tires and a Cow Catcher to every vehicle you enter.

Tricked Out Reality Augment

How To Unlock More Augments in Fortnite

You will unlock more Reality Augments simply by playing Battle Royale, Zero Build, or Team Rumble. The more you play, the more Augments you will unlock!

Once an Augment is unlocked, it will enter the random rotation of perks you can get!

It seems that Augments aren’t tied to levels, and they’ll simply unlock for players that are participating in the modes above after some time.

These Reality Augments are a big addition to Fortnite and are sure to change how each Battle Royale match flows!

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