In Fortnite Chapter 4, Epic Games unveiled a brand-new perk mechanic for its Battle Royale title. Now, players can choose from a selection of Augments to help them out mid-game.

By the end of their Fortnite matches, players can acquire up to 4 Augments in total, giving select playstyles a major boost.

And while everyone gets to choose these upgrades at the same time, knowing the best ones to pick will give you a big advantage over the competition.

Fortnite Reality Augments

Best Fortnite Reality Augment Tier List

The absolute best of the best in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Augment tier list are Aerialist, Bloodhound, Keymaster, and Sniper Surplus.

Although other Reality Augments can be great for select playstyles, we recommend taking these options whenever you come across them.

The rest of the Augment Tier list can be found below:

SAerialist, Bloodhound, Keymaster, Sniper Surplus
AMore Parkour, Chug Gunner, Medium Ammo Amp
BLight Fingers, Shotgun Recycle, Dignified Finish, Supercharged, Slap Surplus
CDumpster Diving, Munitions Slide, Treasure Hunter
DJelly Angler

If you’re rolling C and D-tier Augments, it might be worth rerolling them, even at the expense of some Gold Bars. After all, any of the S-tier Augments will make getting that Victory Royale significantly easier.

Here’s why each Augment belongs where it does in the tier list.

But first, check out a full breakdown of all 16 Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4 – and how to unlock more here!

S-Tier Augments

  • Aerialist – No more fall damage for you, with infinite free redeploys of your glider! Build as high as you like with no fear.
  • Bloodhound – The ultimate team perk that’s also great in solos. Mark an enemy on hit to prevent them from hiding.
  • Keymaster – Get hold of 2 free weapons (or 1 Exotic weapon) at Fortnite Chapter 4’s Holochests!
  • Sniper Surplus – Getting 1 extra bullet in your Heavy Sniper before needing to reload makes this one of the best Augments in Chapter 4. Only worthwhile if you’re a Heavy Sniper fan.

A-Tier Augments

  • More Parkour – Keeping stamina high is a great way to get around the map and outmaneuver enemies. Never run out of sprint again!
  • Chug Gunner – While they take up two weapons slots, Chug Cannons are at least great to have in your squad. Now that Splash Medic is gone, this Augment is far more useful to have on your side.
  • Medium Ammo Amp – Keep your assault rifles fully-stocked and your opponents will have to reload before you do, giving you the edge in a gunfight.
All New Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

B-Tier Augments

  • Light Fingers – Keep your SMGs and Pistols reloaded fast. However, reloads aren’t that much faster than without the Augment.
  • Shotgun Recycle – Given the power of the Combat Shotgun in Chapter 4, a chance for your shot not to consume ammo is very nice and may help you secure an extra kill without needing to reload.
  • Dignified Finish – The Kinetic Blade is one of Chapter 4’s most deadly new weapons. Get a kill with it and you can immediately leap away or target a new enemy. That said, consider whether or not you’re likely to be using your Blade before taking this one.
  • Supercharged – No need to fuel up those Rogue Bikes! But even better, keep your protective vehicles or Nitro Drifters alive right into the endgame and shield yourself from damage.
  • Slap Surplus – Never run low on shields and health items again, with a handy supply of Slap Juice. It’ll keep you healthy and provide unlimited stamina, but it’s not as handy as a Chug Splash.

C-Tier Augments

  • Dumpster Diving – There are plenty of areas to hide in Chapter 4, but you’re unlikely to come across them when you need them most. Also a loot pile around a hiding spot is a clear sign that an enemy is hiding within.
  • Munitions Slide – Recovering Medium ammo when sliding is a nice bonus, but we wouldn’t take it on multiple members of the same squad.
  • Treasure Hunter – No need to search for Chests when you’ve got Treasure Hunter to point them out.. Then again, looking for loot usually isn’t that hard.

D-Tier Augments

  • Jelly Angler – Gain a special Fishing Rod that can fish in any water but can only produce Jellyfish. Nice for a shield boost. Still the worst Augment overall as you’ll have to carry around a Fishing Rod.

Although we’ve covered all 16 Augments currently in Fortnite Chapter 4, more are soon to come! When they do, we’ll update our tier list accordingly!

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