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Fortnite Augment Tier List – Best Reality Augments Ranked

To make the most of the new Fortnite Reality Augment system, make sure you’re choosing the S tier perks!

In Fortnite Chapter 4, Epic Games unveiled a brand-new perk mechanic for its Battle Royale title. Now, players can choose from a selection of Augments to help them out mid-game.

At the end of their Fortnite matches, players can acquire up to 4 Augments in total, giving select playstyles a major boost.

And while everyone gets to choose these upgrades at the same time, knowing the best ones to pick will give you a big advantage over the competition.

Fortnite Reality Augments

Best Fortnite Reality Augment Tier List

The absolute best of the best in the Fortnite Augment tier list are Aerialist, Bloodhound, Bow Specialist, Splash Medic, Storm Mark & Forecast.

Although other Reality Augments can be great for select playstyles, we recommend taking these options whenever you come across them.

The rest of the Augment Tier list can be found below:

SAerialist, Bloodhound, Bow Specialist, Splash Medic, Storm Mark, Forecast
ASupercharged, Soaring Sprints, More Parkour, First Assault, Bush Warrior, Party Time
BLight Fingers, Rifle Recycle, Tactical Armory, Pistol Amp
CMechanical Archer, Chug Gunner, Demolitions Munitions, Rushing Reload, Tricked Out
DJelly Angler
Best Fortnite Reality Augment Tier List

If you’re rolling C and D-tier Augments, it might be worth rerolling them, even at the expense of some Gold Bars. After all, any of the S-tier Augments will make getting that Victory Royale significantly easier.

Here’s a breakdown of why each Augment belongs where it does in the tier list.

But first, check out a full breakdown of all 22 Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4 – and how to unlock more here!

S-Tier Augments

  • Aerialist – No more fall damage for you, with infinite free redeploys of your glider! Build as high as you like with no fear.
  • Bloodhound – The ultimate team perk that’s also great in solos. Mark an enemy on hit to prevent them from hiding.
  • Bow Specialist – Bows are everywhere this Chapter, so why not give them a big upgrade? Did you know that only one weapon is a one-shot elimination in Fortnite right now? You guessed it, it’s a bow!
  • Splash Medic – This Augment will save your life more than you realize. Keep your squad alive without worrying about holding shield potions.
  • Storm Mark – Pinging all enemies every time the circle begins to close will help your entire team know where to watch their backs.
  • Forecast – If you’re playing for the win, why not set up in the final circle way ahead of other players?

A-Tier Augments

  • Supercharged – No need to fuel up those Dirt Bikes! But even better, keep your protective vehicles alive right into the endgame and shield yourself from damage.
  • Soaring Sprints – Get the drop on your opponents – literally – by landing on them from above. What’s more, don’t sprint while you’re soaring and you’ll be able to recharge energy and jump endlessly.
  • More Parkour – Keeping stamina high is a great way to get around the map and outmaneuver enemies. Never run out of sprint again!
  • First Assault – Hit that first shot out of your AR chamber to deal big damage, ensuring you’ll almost certainly win your 50/50 gunfight.
  • Bush Warrior – Don’t worry about carrying heals, just hop into a bush and you’ll be feeling fine! Just make sure there are a few bushes nearby.
  • Party Time – A situational tool but Party Time balloons let you dish out massive damage from above. Combine them with the new Shockwave Hammer to catch enemies off-guard and never take fall damage again.
Augments in Fortnite

B-Tier Augments

  • Light Fingers – Keep your SMGs and Pistols reloaded fast. However, reloads aren’t that much faster than without the Augment.
  • Rifle Recycle – Ensure you’ll rarely run out of medium ammo. Not a bad option, but there are better Augments to take.
  • Tactical Armory – In a pinch with no decent weapons? The Rare Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun will certainly help out. But with these Holo Chests giving out free high-tier weapons, this Augment is often unnecessary.
  • Pistol Amp – Chapter 4 has some decent pistols on the Fortnite weapon tier list, but even with this upgrade they’re still not quite as impressive as some of the S-tier weapons.

C-Tier Augments

  • Mechanical Archer – Explosive and Shockwave Bows are situational but effective weapons. However, with bows being so common this season, we’re rarely eager to choose this Augment.
  • Chug Gunner – While they take up two weapons slots, Chug Cannons are at least great to have in your squad. But we’d always prefer Splash Medic over this Augment.
  • Demolitions Munitions – If you’re a fan of explosives, this could be the Augment for you. Otherwise, we’d leave it alone. That said, if My Hero Academia’s One For All triggers this Augment then it could see a boost in popularity!
  • Rushing Reload – Sprint towards an enemy and your shotgun will reload, but slowly. If you’re a fan of close-quarters, it’s not awful. But it’s not too useful either.
  • Tricked Out – With non-Dirt Bike vehicles being less effective this season, Tricked Out can actually help cars and trucks stay viable. If you’re combining it with Supercharged, this can be a good, if situational, option.

D-Tier Augments

  • Jelly Angler – Gain a special Fishing Rod that can fish anywhere but only produce Jellyfish. Nice for a shield boost. The worst Augment overall.

Although we’ve covered all 22 Augments currently in Fortnite Chapter 4, more are soon to come! When they do, we’ll update our tier list accordingly!

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