Players on PS4 are sharing experiences of unexpectedly gaining access to the exclusive PS5 styles for Kratos and Aloy in Fortnite.

Initially limited to PlayStation 5 console owners, this unique style had been exclusive to a select group of gamers.

However, it now seems that players on different platforms from where the exclusive took place are being gifted this style.

Players Receiving Kratos & Aloy Exclusive Styles

If you own the Kratos and Aloy skins in Fortnite and you are on PS4, you might want to boot up the game as reports suggest players are being gifted the PS5-exclusive “Armored Kratos” and “Ice Hunter Aloy” styles.

While it would make sense for PS4 users to receive these styles with God of War being a PlayStation-exclusive game, previous reports that it would be PS5 only appear to no longer be accurate.

Alternatively, it may just be a developer oversight. Regardless, PS5 users no longer have a style exclusively dedicated to them.

Access to exclusive skins or items in a video game adds extra prestige to it. PS5 players are sure to be a little disappointed at this news.

Tons of Fortnite gamers took to social media, and many players pointed out that they felt it was unfair that PS4 gamers were given access.

While another user states their disappointment at the developers.

Fortnite Armored Kratos

For those who get excitement from owning unique items, this three-year exclusive appears to be over.

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