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How To Play Fortnite Like A Pro With NRG Clix’s Gaming Setup

Looking to get the edge on your Fortnite games? Here's how Fortnite pro and streamer Clix's gaming setup to help you get the edge.

Clix has had a lot of media attention recently. Right after surpassing 3.5 million Twitch subscribers and peaking at 108k concurrent viewers on his recent stream, Clix has been perma-banned from Twitch.

It's a shame that Twitch have taken such action, especially with all the positivity in Twitch's community recently. Particularly, users voting on the new PogChamp emote has done wonders for the streaming platform.

His fans have gone wild, pushing #FreeClix to the top of Twitter's trending page and his agency NRG directly pushing back against Twitch. It's very clear that a lot of people are looking out for him.

clix gaming pc setup fortnite
Cody 'Clix' Conrod

He's well known for his Fortnite plays, winning huge tournaments and making quite the name for himself in the Esports community. And while his skill is remarkable, he still needs the gear to get to the big leagues.

Here's the gaming setup that Clix uses to build his way to the very top of the Fortnite professional scene.

Clix's Fortnite Setup

Clix has made some videos on his gaming setup in the past (and has also clowned on this old videos on stream). But, he seems to change his setup rather frequently.

According to the website GMRPC, this is the current setup that Clix puts to use in this professional games.

His monitor is the Alienware AW2518H, a 25" monitor that puts to use AlienFX lighting and NVIDIA's G-SYNC technology. It's the official gaming monitor that powers the League of Legends global Esports events, so he's chosen some high-grade stats for his visual setup.

Alienware AW2518H clix gaming setup
Alienware AW2518H

Clix uses the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja mouse, in cherry blossom red. It's not the most expensive mouse on the market at only $89.99, but the mouse is avaliable in exclusive drops, so is rather elusive. It boasts an aerodynamic design that ensures some incredible shot precision.

To go with it is his own signature keyboard. Made in collaboaration with Matrix keyboards, the Clix X Matrix is water resistant with bright LED lighting. It has Gateron switches, and PBT Doubleshot backlit keycaps.

Clix X Matrix 60% gaming setup
Clix X Matrix 60%

He also uses Matrix's XXL mousepad to cover his desk, so wherever his mouse is, it's complimented by the perfect texture for movement.

Plus for his headset, he uses the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. They're headphones designed for music producers, that are perfect for mixing and mastering. Who knows why Clix has chosen them over a professional gaming headset, but whatever works!

Clix's Gaming PC Build

Of course, to go with all of his peripherals, Clix needs his PC to do all of the game's heavy lifting.

His CPU is the Intel Core I9-10900K, and his GPU is the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3090.

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The motherboard that runs the beast is his MSI MEG z490 Godlike, and he uses two Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GBs for his main memory.

MSI MEG z490 Godlike clix gaming setup
MSI MEG z490 Godlike

On top of this, he uses a 2TB Sabrent Rocket for his SSD.

All of this is packed into an Alienware Aurora R11 case, and keeps his games running smoothly. It may not be the cheapest beast to replicate, but Clix's Gaming Setup clearly it gets results.

Clix's Streaming & Recording Setup

Finally, if you want to take the streaming world by storm like Clix too, here's his setup for his streams on Twitch, and the various YouTube videos that go with them.

His microphone is the HyperX Quadcast, a USB microphone that packs a punch. It's got a built-in pop filter, so it can handle even the most explosive bouts of gamer rage.

HyperX Quadcast Clix Gaming Setup
HyperX Quadcast

It's held up by the Rode PSA1, a common microphone arm for streamers everywhere.

His chair isn't much in the way of gaming speciality. He uses a regular La-Z-Boy chair, designed with regular home life in mind. It seems to get the job done though!

Finally, he uses the Logitech C920 webcam to capture himself while streaming. It's popular among streamers, as it can hit 1080p without breaking the bank.

That's everything in Clix's gaming setup. You might not be able to compete with his skills right away, but this is the closest you'll get to it without all that practice.

Clix's fan backlash isn't the only source of negativity on Twitch. Shroud has claimed that new games are "lackluster" live on stream, and Faze's NICKMERCS is arguing with G2 Esports on Twitter.

However, NICKMERCS is paying it back to Warzone fans; he's revealed the strongest Mac-10 loadout in Warzone.

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