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Pro Fortnite Streamer Clix Banned From Twitch For Third Time

Cody Conrod, better known as Clix, has been banned from Twitch for the third time, and has revealed that this time, it's for good.

Many Twitch users have called the "perma-ban" feature of the platform into question. Some feel that it's used too often in a way that jeopardizes a creator's livelihood, and some feel that there are streamers that are long overdue a slap with the ban-hammer.

Clix Fortnite Pro Twitch Ban
Fortnite Season 5

It's a problem that overwhelms a lot of positivity in Twitch's community. especially recently, as fans have decided on their new PogChamp emote.

But, many users are angry with the recent use of the feature. A popular Twitch streamer, Clix, has been banned for the third time. And this time, it could be for good.

Clix is an incredibly popular streamer on the platform, signing with the gaming organization NRG and amassing 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

Clix Banned for Third Time

Unfortunately, Twitch bans are much more difficult to dispute with multiple strikes on your record, and Clix has a few.

The streamer, who recently surpassed 3.5 million followers on the platform, has been banned a couple of times. His first was the result of streaming with a player permanently banned from the platform back in 2019.

Clix Twitch Ban
Cody 'Clix' Conrod

After this, he was also one of many victims of a huge wave of DMCA related bans. Now, his seemingly final ban is due to him accidentally broadcasting explicit content.

His initial statement was in two tweets, his first reading "perm ban... on everything I love". He then followed it up with a screenshot from Twitch. He's proved that he's indefinitely banned and that this event could bring about the end of his Twitch career.

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NRG's Battle For Clix's Twitch

But, that doesn't mean his account isn't being fought for. The CEO of NRG Andy Miller responded to this news by tweeting "we on it!". This implies they're looking to remedy the situation with Twitch directly.

Plus, fans are retaliating against Twitch's ruling of the Fortnite Pro's channel. #FreeClix was at one point trending on Twitter, as his fans and supporters rally to show their support.

Clix responded in a tweet; "wow I can't believe #FreeClix is #1 on trending, thank you guys for the insane support and hopefully I somehow get unbanned soon".

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Clix Twitch Rivals 2020
Clix at Twitch Rivals 2020

It's remarkable that this ban even came about at all. Clix signed an exclusivity contract with the streaming platform in October, meaning as of right now, he could be unable to stream anywhere.

It's a shame that this ban came about now, as the Fortnite pro player seemed to be riding high. A mere three hours before, Clix put out a tweet confessing his appreciation for his fans, as his stream had peaked at 108k concurrent viewers.

Who knows what will come of this ban, but NRG seems to be appealing the case. This could lead to the ban being lifted or Clix's exclusivity deal being cut, but only time will tell.

But, this isn't the only streamer drama happening right now. NICKMERCS has attacked G2 Esports on Twitter, and Ninja has finally provided an update after announcing he'd quit Fortnite.

Ninja's problems are well justified, as streamers are leading charges of stream snipers into games.

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