The Fortnite Reality Tree is at it again, changing the new Blooming Bungalow into a Pirate POI, a Wild West town, a Roman Colosseum, and more!

The Fortnite island is ever-changing, something that helps to keep the Battle Royale feeling fresh. Even mid-season, Epic Games is constantly tweaking and altering the arena to entertain its players.

Now, in Chapter 3 Season 3, Vibin’, the map is changing more than ever before. A new Reality Tree is slowly spreading its roots throughout the map, and altering every POI it comes into contact with.

Condo Canyon is the next iconic area to get some changes, as a new ‘Blooming Bungalow’ POI is changing the game every single time you drop in.

Where Is Blooming Bungalow? Location & Map

Blooming Bungalow is right next to Condo Canyon in the desert region of the Fortnite island. Drop at the location where the Reality Tree appears on the map, to the Northeast of Condo.

Blooming Bungalows in Fortnite

You won’t miss the changes, despite the shapeshifting POI not having a visible name on the game’s map. But what you’ll see when you drop in will be different every game!

All Possible Variants

  • Colossal Colosseum
  • Coral Castle
  • Lazy Lagoon
  • Tilted Town

Each time you start a game of Fortnite, Blooming Bungalow will have one of these four themes.

There’s no way to influence which one appears in-game but each will have different locations to explore.

Colossal Colosseum (Roman)

A structured and imposing Roman town, complete with its own Colosseum for those who love to battle.

Roman Colosseum Fortnite Blooming Bungalows

Coral Castle (Atlantis)

An underwater city, suddenly brought above land. Atlantis may have been lost for some time, but now it’s back in Blooming Bungalows.

Underwater Atlantis Fortnite Blooming Bungalows

Lazy Lagoon (Pirate)

A place for salty seadogs to rest their weary bones, the pirate town is the best place to celebrate No Sweat Summer.

Just be sure to complete all your new Summer tasks in Fortnite before it’s too late!

Pirate Ship Fortnite Blooming Bungalows

Tilted Town (Wild West)

The rootin’ tootin’ Wild West is back in Fornite, this time as part of the mysterious new POI. Cowboys, this is the place to be.

Wild West Fortnite Blooming Bungalows

Thanks to JayKeyFN for sharing these images with us. Each one of the four new POIs is waiting to be explored right now!

Plus don’t miss out on claiming the latest Wolverine skin in Fortnite before it’s too late!

But there are only a few days left to enjoy this new POI before the end of Fortnite Season 3. Make sure to visit each variant before it’s too late.

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